OPPO Find N sold out in China after a few seconds on sale

Tram Ho

During the first sale of the OPPO Find N, which took place on December 16 in the Chinese market, a report from the IT Home site said that OPPO’s first folding screen smartphone was sold out after only a few seconds. open sale.

OPPO Find N at the INNO Day event held in Vietnam on the afternoon of December 15

OPPO’s first folding screen smartphone is so hot that on the black market, many users also sell this device for 20-30% higher than the original listed price. Specifically, OPPO offers a list price for the two memory versions of Find N at 7,699 yuan and 8,999 yuan, equivalent to VND 28 million and VND 32.5 million, but on the black market, the price is pushed up to 9,299 yuan and 12,000 yuan, equivalent to 33.5 million VND and 43.2 million VND. The shortage of OPPO Find N occurs, making users who want to buy it can’t buy it.

The price on the black market of OPPO Find N has been pushed up by 20-30% compared to the listed price

OPPO Find N will be available on December 23 in the Chinese market and of course only for those who have pre-ordered the device in the previous sale. In addition, OPPO also confirmed that this device will only be distributed exclusively in the domestic market, not globally.

OPPO Find N is considered a highly innovative folding screen smartphone when it partially solves the outstanding problems on current folding screen smartphones. The price of the product is also cheaper compared to competitors, creating a competitive advantage right after it hits the shelves.

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Source : Genk