OPPO acknowledges 40W wireless fast charging technology on its smartphones, which dramatically reduces battery life

Tram Ho

Last April, OPPO launched the Ace 2 smartphone, with Snapdragon 865 chip, 90Hz screen and an in-display fingerprint sensor. An attractive smartphone for only $ 565.

However, the most prominent feature of OPPO Ace 2 is the battery, with a capacity of 4,000 mAh, supports fast charging with 65W and 40W wireless fast charging. 40W wireless fast charging technology is something really impressive, because many smartphones today can still charge only 15W even when plugged in.

OPPO thừa nhận công nghệ sạc nhanh không dây 40W trên smartphone của mình khiến tuổi thọ pin giảm đáng kể - Ảnh 1.

But in fact, users will have to trade many things when using OPPO’s wireless charging technology. Especially, battery life will be significantly reduced, and OPPO himself has acknowledged that.

Andrei F. of AnandTech revealed on his Twitter page: “OPPO confirms that its 40W fast charging technology will reduce the maximum capacity of the battery to 70%, in the same cycle that a conventional 15W charge does. reduce battery capacity to 90% ”.

OPPO thừa nhận công nghệ sạc nhanh không dây 40W trên smartphone của mình khiến tuổi thọ pin giảm đáng kể - Ảnh 2.

In simple terms, 40W fast charging will make bottle batteries faster and dramatically reduce battery life.

That’s why fast charging and high speed charging aren’t always good. That is also why major companies like Apple or Samsung are not racing fast charging technology. While the iPhone only supports fast charging up to 18W, Samsung’s flagship smartphone also only supports charging up to 25W.

However, nowadays, users tend to innovate smartphones after 2-3 years. As a result, they may not realize the consequences of battery drain due to fast charging technology. OPPO can also believe that, so accept the trade-off of battery life for faster charging speed, bringing more utilities to users.

But if you are a smartphone user for more than 3 years, you should consider if you choose a smartphone that supports fast charging, especially fast charging 40W – 60W.

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