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Former Google employee, Will Scott, is one of the few foreign computer engineers, especially from Western countries who have the opportunity to visit Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (Pyongyang University of Science and Technology – PUST). This trip has left him a deep impression, and also made Will Scott change somewhat aware of the most mysterious country in the world. Former Google engineer did not forget to buy a copy of “Red Star 3” – the most commonly used computer operating system in all public agencies, educational institutions, state-owned enterprises in Trieu Tien – brought back to the US to “research”. A Korean student uses computers at Kim Il Sung University A Korean student uses computers at Kim Il Sung University

Even now, there is little information about Red Star 3 and the software system used in Korea. Korea had previously used Windows, but some issues of international disputes as well as political security made Windows no longer a reasonable choice. And they decided to create Red Star 3, an operating system designed for professional tasks, whose interface looks very similar to Apple’s macOS.

From owning beautiful wallpaper to deciding to remove Korea from the available time zones, Red Star 3 is probably one of the strangest operating systems in the world, just like this country. Please mention here some interesting and typical features of using computers in Korea so you can understand more about the development of information technology in this country.

This is the screen that waits when you start Red Star 3 for the first time.

Screen saver Screen saver

In the first step in the Red Star 3 installation process, you are prompted to select the city and the time zone where you live. As mentioned above, without giving options to the city of Seoul, South Korea – details of the inconsistencies that existed on the Korean peninsula for decades, have now been brought up by technology products. .

Select the time zone Select the time zone

After selecting the time zone, the login screen will appear.

Login dialog Login dialog

With just a few simple steps and we’re already on the Red Star 3 desktop. Certainly the first impression is the amazing similarity between this operating system and Apple’s macOS. This is a big change in the interface of Red Star 3 because in previous versions, this operating system was designed more like Windows. Since the photo of Korean President Kim Jong Un using the iMac on his desk leaked in 2013, some believe that the young leader wants Red Star to look more like Mac.

Main screen Main screen

This is a document editor for document creation, installed by default on Red Star 3

Red Star 3's default text editor Red Star 3’s default text editor

And this is an integrated email application.

Red Star 3’s default email application

To access documents stored on the system, you can use the file manager. The Red Star file manager basically looks very much like Apple’s “Finder” management system.

Red Star 3's default file manager Red Star 3’s default file manager

Red Star’s web browser is called “Naenara”, and this can be considered a “powerful revision” of Mozilla Firefox with many similarities.

The default browser of Red Star 3 The default browser of Red Star 3

Below is a personalization of Red Star 3 (change the background, edit the theme …). In addition, you will also have access to relatively rich wallpaper repositories built into the operating system.

OS personalization interface OS personalization interface

Pretty beautiful wallpaper that you see below is titled 다 박솔 초소 의 (roughly translated: Snow at baksol outpost). Most of the default wallpapers on Red Star 3 still focus mainly on familiar topics, military-related, or patriotism.

Snow at baksol outpost Snow at baksol outpost

And the beautiful background below is called “Night Scene at the mouth of Zhuangzi River”, showing a peaceful but equally modern life in the areas near the Korean capital.

Night scene at the mouth of Zhuangzi River Night scene at the mouth of Zhuangzi River

This wallpaper is called 홍단 의 감자 (roughly translated: Daehongdan potato flower field), showing a beautiful, affluent landscape in rural areas of Korea.

Potato field in Daehongdan Potato field in Daehongdan

This impressive picture is called “Rhododendron bush by the cliff”, showing that azaleas are blooming on the majestic northern cliffs, creating a rare beauty of nature.

Azalea bushes by the cliff Azalea bushes by the cliff

This wallpaper called “On the horizon” shows a picturesque setting on a farm in Korea.

On the horizon On the horizon

This beautiful forest corner image is placed with a very beautiful name: “The echo of the waterfall”.

The echo of the waterfall The echo of the waterfall

And this is a wallpaper called 범안 리의, or “One morning in the outskirts of Beomanli”, showing great scenery and peacefulness rarely found in rural Korea.

A morning in the suburb of Beomanli One morning in the outskirts of Beomanli

This wallpaper is “Mt Paekdu’s Sunrise” – Dawn in Mount Paekdu. Paekdu is an active volcano bordering Korea and China, famous for its “unique” beauty.

Dawn in Mount Paekdu Dawn in Mount Paekdu

The wallpapers available in the Red Star 3 operating system, despite being processed in graphics, can still give us a realistic sense of Korea’s beauty from a perspective. another poetic, no scent of gunpowder and lousy cannons!

Above are pictures, basic information about the most popular version of computer operating system in Korea. Hope you have gained another perspective on this mysterious country.

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Source : TechTalk