Opening sale of Galaxy Z Series: The dramatic “hunting machine” race has officially begun

Tram Ho

Perhaps at the present time, Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 are two “hot” names in the mobile market today. Not only that, but after only a few hours of “on the shelf”, the number of orders for these two super products has jumped to thousands, signaling that a technology shopping trend is officially starting.

Mở bán Galaxy Z Series: Cuộc đua “săn máy” đầy kịch tính đã chính thức bắt đầu - Ảnh 1.

Even the limited edition Galaxy Z Fold3 / Z Flip3 Thom Browne, despite possessing an extremely high price, 162 out of 200 sets of machines in Vietnam have found owners after just over 1 hour of opening for sale. On the other hand, with more than 1243 order registrations, it has shown the irresistible attraction of the Galaxy Z Series generation with not only technology followers but even fashionistas ready to compete to be able to own an expensive masterpiece. This price.

Mở bán Galaxy Z Series: Cuộc đua “săn máy” đầy kịch tính đã chính thức bắt đầu - Ảnh 2.

Retailer TGDD alone has more than 900 Galaxy Z Series orders.

Explaining the above truth, it is necessary to confirm one thing, Galaxy Z Series is a smartphone worth buying when it owns what is considered the quintessence in the technology world. Possessing a luxurious appearance with delicate lines that are meticulously elaborated, affirming the elegant style with bold contemporary imprints, it can be said that the Galaxy Z Series has gone beyond the framework of a smartphone, instead It’s a high-tech fashion accessory.

Mở bán Galaxy Z Series: Cuộc đua “săn máy” đầy kịch tính đã chính thức bắt đầu - Ảnh 3.

Up to 162/200 sets of Galaxy Z Fold3/Z Flip3 Thom Brown found their owners in just 1 hour of opening sale (recorded by the reporter at the time of writing).

Not only that, this beauty is also enhanced with the stylish limited edition Galaxy Z Fold3/ Z Flip3 Thom Browne. The trendy slim figure combined with the dominant matte white color accented by the 3-color ribbon representing Thom Browne’s aesthetic is the fashion mark throughout this collection. The harmonious combination between the shiny silver frame hinges and contrasting colors and materials has created an elegant yet proud beauty of an outstanding technological device.

Besides, the fashion imprint is clearly shown even in the theme interface, from the icons to the background decorated by the designer’s hand-signature, bringing the unique spirit into each machine. . Each version of the Galaxy Z Series Thom Browne also turns into a true fashion collection when accompanied by a series of accessories, watches, and headphones with a Thom Browne style synchronous design. This has prompted Fashionistas and fashionistas to own this expensive collection because it is a strong voice, representing a contemporary lifestyle with sophisticated style and Thom Browne class.

Galaxy Z Series owners can also play the role of “high-class guest”, enjoying a series of privileges such as: Business Class Lounge, Z Pass Priority Airline Service, Accor Plus Explorer Card – exclusive travel privileges travel and cuisine throughout Asia and the Pacific, plus a 1-year Samsung Care+ Extended Warranty. This is one of Samsung’s favors for true owners of this fashion and technological masterpiece.

The Galaxy Z Thom Browne collection is a collaboration to reconcile Samsung’s philosophy of cutting-edge, pioneering technology product design with designer Thom Browne’s timeless, classic fashion language, creating 1 Unique fashion technology products, valuable over time. This is the opening sale of the year for the limited edition Thom Browne, interested customers will not be able to order the genuine collection after this sale.

Mở bán Galaxy Z Series: Cuộc đua “săn máy” đầy kịch tính đã chính thức bắt đầu - Ảnh 4.

Ngoc Trinh is one of the owners of the early version of Thom Browne in Vietnam

Currently, Samsung Vina Electronics Company has officially announced the closure of early orders for the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 Thom Browne versions with the number of orders exceeding expectations. 200 units of Galaxy Z Thom Browne version will be available to customers starting from August 27

Mở bán Galaxy Z Series: Cuộc đua “săn máy” đầy kịch tính đã chính thức bắt đầu - Ảnh 5.

In addition to the unexpected order visits for Thom Browne version, Galaxy Z Flip3 version also received a large number of interested people thanks to its possession of 7 outstanding color gamuts, in which, customers can find 3 exclusive colors: Phantom Gray, Bloom Pink and Flora White only available on Samsung Online Store. Galaxy Z Flip3 is a folding smartphone with a more vibrant and dynamic personality than its predecessor thanks to a unique collection of accessories, highlighting the user’s daily style and ownership. potential to lead the trend of fashion technology equipment in the near future. See more details at:

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