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"Tofu" is a huge challenge for digital information sharing around the world.

So, what is "tofu"? – Empty cells appear when the computer or website cannot display the text: ⯐. Tofu can confuse users, make communication difficult, and negatively affect the user experience.

Five years ago, Google began to solve this problem through Noto – also known as the project font " No more to fu". Today, Google's open source Note font family delivers a nice and consistent numeric character system for every Unicode standard, supporting up to 800 languages ​​and 110,000 characters.

Some of the font characters that Noto supports.

Project Noto is kicked off as part of Android and ChromeOS operating systems. When Google started, they did not notice the brutality of this great challenge. It is necessary to design and test techniques in hundreds of languages, and professional references from experts in certain typefaces. For example, in Arabic, each character has four strokes that vary according to the text that follows. In the Indic language, strokes can be rearranged or even split into two based on the text around it.

In order to achieve this complex effect, Google had to cooperate with the font design and type expert, including Monotype, Adobe, and a passionate volunteer reviewer network. In addition to "no more tofu" in the usual language used daily, Noto will be used to preserve the cultural history of rare languages ​​through digitization. With the newly introduced characters in the Unicode standard, Google will continuously add these characters to the Noto font family.

Opportunity to participate in Vietnam's largest programming event: Opportunity to participate in Vietnam's largest programming event:

This is one of the proofs of our open, accessible and innovative commitment. The entire Noto font family, the design source file, and the building pipeline font can be downloaded for free using the links below. In the spirit of sharing and contributing across borders and culture, hope you will have a happy time!

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