One step ahead of Apple, Samsung launches a wireless charging dock that can charge 3 devices at once, priced at just $ 99

Tram Ho

Samsung recently released a new wireless charging dock that can charge up to three devices at the same time. This product is called Samsung Wireless Charger Trio and its price is only 99 USD.

Previously, the company launched the Wireless Charger Duo with the ability to charge 2 Samsung devices at the same time. With the need for wireless charging on the rise, Samsung has introduced a new generation of wireless charging dock. Users can now charge three devices at the same time, including: a Galaxy Note20 Ultra, a Galaxy Watch3 and a Galaxy Buds Live.

Đi trước Apple một bước, Samsung ra mắt đế sạc không dây sạc được 3 thiết bị cùng lúc, giá chỉ 99 USD - Ảnh 1.

Samsung launched the Wireless Charger Trio that can charge 3 devices at the same time

Samsung’s new charging dock supports the Qi wireless charging standard with a minimum capacity of 15W, which means it can be used to charge any device that supports this standard, not necessarily a Samsung item, You can even use it to charge your iPhone or AirPods Pro because Apple products also support the Qi charging standard.

The price of Wireless Charger Trio according to Samsung announced is 99 USD in the US and 99 EUR in Europe, equivalent to about 2.3 million VND.

Wireless Charger Duo will certainly remind many users of Apple’s still open AirPower project. After nearly 3 years of announcement, “the Apple house” is still having to solve the heat issues of the AirPower charging dock, Samsung is one step ahead of Apple with Wireless Charger Trio.

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Source : Genk