One of the most mysterious Bitcoin wallets has just transferred nearly $ 1 billion

Tram Ho

Amidst the quiet Bitcoin market, there was a shocking event. Yesterday, someone transferred some bitcoins worth nearly $ 1 billion, a transaction made publicly while the identity of the sender and the recipient is still a mystery.

This transaction transfers bitcoin to many other unknown wallets. According to, this $ 933 million bitcoin was transferred to two different anonymous wallets. The first wallet received 5,000 BTC (about 45.8 million USD) while the other wallet received 96,857 BTC (worth about 887.4 million USD). With this huge transaction value, the mysterious owner of the Bitcoin wallet only has to pay a transaction fee of $ 0.48.

Một trong những ví Bitcoin bí ẩn nhất vừa chuyển nhượng gần 1 tỷ USD - Ảnh 1., a Bitcoin wallet, was recognized as one of the most valuable mysterious Bitcoin wallets before this transaction, when it held up to 0.55% of all Bitcoin on the market before this transaction. Even its value is just smaller than the two main exchanges, Huobi and Binance. After this transaction, the Bitcoin wallet was completely empty.

This means that this Bitcoin wallet may belong to a wealthy individual, or to some anonymous investor, exchange, or company – because of the anonymity of Bitcoin, it is very difficult to know the principal. whose body is behind this activity.

After the Decrypt post, a Reddit user claimed that this Bitcoin wallet belonged to the BitStamp exchange, traded through the BitGo platform. However, a representative of BitGo declined to disclose customer information for privacy related reasons.

If this Bitcoin wallet belongs to legitimate organizations or individuals, this transaction could be within the enterprise, or for a huge purchase of goods and services, or it could be Bitcoin offer. Whatever it is, this business will most likely have to pay taxes related to this activity.

And if this transfer is for illegal transactions, it is difficult to know exactly its purpose as well as the identity of the parties involved.

This is not the first time Bitcoin transactions with a scale of billions of dollars have appeared, but the anonymity of Bitcoin and the huge value of each transaction have always attracted the attention of many people.

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