On the occasion of 10.10, hunt now for “delicious – nutritious – cheap” technology deals on Tiki

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Dịp 10.10, săn ngay siêu deal đồ công nghệ “ngon - bổ - rẻ” trên Tiki - Ảnh 1.

Android players cannot ignore the hot deal Samsung Galaxy A02s reduced to 3.15 million VND on Tiki. The product is delicately crafted with an Infinity-V waterdrop screen with HD + resolution for vivid and realistic images. This is a smartphone that is extremely valuable in the mid-range segment when it comes to powerful performance thanks to the 8-core Snapdragon 450 chip, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. The plus point of the product is also in the super “buffalo” battery capacity of up to 5,000 mAh with 15 W fast charging to help you perform convenient multi-tasking.

Anker wireless charging dock owns a very good price, only about 265 thousand VND on Tiki. The product is designed with a round, compact and delicate design, combining Qi wireless charging compatible with many devices. With a capacity of 15 W, you quickly recharge your mobile phone and shorten the charging time quickly and conveniently.


Dịp 10.10, săn ngay siêu deal đồ công nghệ “ngon - bổ - rẻ” trên Tiki - Ảnh 3.

The Xiaomi Redmi power bank has a very good price of only about 215 thousand VND at Tiki. The highlight of the accessory lies in the huge 10000 mAh battery capacity, high-density Polymer Ion battery core to meet the charging needs of a variety of devices. In addition, the battery can charge two smartphones simultaneously with a combined 2.6 A output from the two USB-A ports. This is the inseparable accessory that accompanies all technology believers in daily life.

Anker 1-port charger is one of the top selling accessories on Tiki, currently only about 479 thousand VND only today. The product has an elegant, compact white color, integrated with PowerIQ 3.0 technology and Power Delivery for fast charging speed. The device is also equipped with a USB-C port to help you easily charge all your electronic devices easily and conveniently.


Dịp 10.10, săn ngay siêu deal đồ công nghệ “ngon - bổ - rẻ” trên Tiki - Ảnh 5.

The Xiaomi wireless mechanical keyboard is one of the hi-tech items not to be missed in this sale. Currently, the product is being sold at a bargain price of only about 742 thousand VND on Tiki. The special feature of the keyboard lies in its delicate workmanship, along with a smart 8-degree slope to reduce finger fatigue. In addition, the device also supports dual connection, easy to use on Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS platforms.

Wireless mouse FD V8 is only about 161 thousand VND only today at Tiki. This is a technology product that every brother should own while working from home thanks to the smart key design that makes no noise when in use. The product also possesses advanced optical mouse technology, a stable and efficient wireless connection that makes mouse movement quick and smooth on a variety of different surfaces.


Dịp 10.10, săn ngay siêu deal đồ công nghệ “ngon - bổ - rẻ” trên Tiki - Ảnh 7.

Dell monitors are having a preferential price of only about 4.99 million VND on Tiki. The device has a modern, elegant design with a recessed texture on the back of the display giving it its own unique touch. With AMD FreeSync technology and a refresh rate of up to 75Hz, you will have smooth, top-notch visual experiences. The screen is equipped with 27-inch size, FullHD resolution and ComfortView technology to reduce blue light, this will be a companion item in your work and entertainment.

Webcam Logitech C270 is only about 780 thousand VND on Tiki. The advantage of the product lies in the resolution of up to 3 megapixels, equipped with 720p HD, the ability to automatically balance the light, and outstanding Crystal technology for smooth video quality, sharp images and vivid colors. . The product is also easily compatible with many operating systems such as Windows XP/Vista 7, 8, with built-in microphone for realistic sound and good noise filtering.


Dịp 10.10, săn ngay siêu deal đồ công nghệ “ngon - bổ - rẻ” trên Tiki - Ảnh 9.

Quickly connect many devices with a convenient UGREEN converter cable, currently selling for a shocking price of only about 790 thousand VND on Tiki. The product owns up to 6 connection ports: USB 3.0, USB-C, HDMI™, SD Card & TF Card, making it easy for you to link your laptop with most electronic devices, meeting your needs. your usage requirements. In addition to bandwidth with transmission speeds of up to 5Gbps and stable and safe operation, modern compact design with sturdy cables are also advantages of the product.

JBL earphone bluetooth headset reduced to 183,000 VND at Tiki. This is a top-selling hi-tech accessory at Tiki with a compact design, famous for its ability to stream powerful audio for up to 11 hours. The headset contains a control cluster and a conversation microphone, you can press it once to turn it on or off or answer calls quickly with pre-set buttons.


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