OLLI MAIKA smart speaker: the final piece to complete the Vietnamese smarthome picture

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In recent years, smart homes have gradually become popular with the majority of Vietnamese families. Accordingly, a smart home is an ecosystem of interconnected smart devices, sensors and accessories that work synchronously based on commands and data through an application on a phone. smart, tablet or virtual assistant. In a nutshell, the smart home system has the ability to interact, recognize commands and perform tasks to assist homeowners in the fastest way.

Loa thông minh OLLI MAIKA: mảnh ghép cuối cùng hoàn thiện bức tranh smarthome Việt Nam - Ảnh 1.

Smart homes gradually become familiar and become indispensable conveniences in modern homes

According to statistics in 2021 of WE ARE SOCIAL, the whole country has 2.02 million families using smart homes, the national market is estimated at 123 million USD, a growth rate of 54.4% compared to 2019. As you can see, the smart home market in Vietnam is gradually exciting and has great potential for development.

Despite its great potential, the smart home picture in Vietnam is still incomplete when it is only controlled via “touch” on phone applications, tablets or by voice in English, Chinese… foreign virtual assistant. Therefore, the need for a friendly Vietnamese virtual assistant that allows all family members to easily use it becomes more necessary than ever for the Vietnamese smart home market to thrive.

After more than 4 years of silently developing and launching to the market in April 2021, the OLLI MAIKA smart speaker integrated with the Vietnamese virtual assistant MAIKA was immediately noticed by the smarthome community when supporting the control of devices. Electricity in the house is entirely in Vietnamese. The smart home system that has brought a modern and comfortable experience, now with the help of a pure Vietnamese smart speaker, makes the user’s experience more convenient and faster every day.

Easily control and control home electrical appliances in Vietnamese

As a product invested and researched 100% by Vietnamese people and developed exclusively for Vietnamese people, OLLI MAIKA smart speaker recognizes the voice of the North and South wells and is improved and updated by the OLLI team in terms of capabilities. language over time. The communication response of the OLLI MAIKA speaker is considered by the user community to be natural, bringing a sense of friendliness and closeness. This smart speaker receives commands and executes quickly, making it easy for homeowners to control and control electrical appliances entirely in Vietnamese.

Turning on/off lights, fans, air conditioners, televisions or opening/closing curtains, etc. becomes simple through voice control. Besides, family members also easily adjust the devices according to their needs.

Maika, increase the temperature of the air conditioner to 2 degrees

Maika, turn down the TV volume

Maika, turn on the living room light

Maika, close the curtain

Controlling electrical appliances in Vietnamese helps homeowners save time and bring a modern experience in their own living space. Problems such as not finding the remote, the remote running out of battery, leaving the house but not remembering to turn off the kitchen lights, waking up in the middle of the night because the air conditioner temperature is too low, etc. will be completely solved with OLLI smart speakers MAIKA.

Loa thông minh OLLI MAIKA: mảnh ghép cuối cùng hoàn thiện bức tranh smarthome Việt Nam - Ảnh 2.

OLLI MAIKA smart speaker – the final piece to complete and develop smart home in Vietnam

Setting up a smart home context: Raise the level and quality of living space

In addition to controlling individual devices, users can also set contexts for smart homes. With just a single command, many devices in the house will be turned on / off or adjusted, creating the desired space of the homeowner. Many smart home contexts will effectively support members in daily life such as leaving home, going home, receiving guests, good morning, good night, relaxing, watching movies,… Especially, people Smart home users can personalize their preferences with the OLLI MAIKA smart speaker by setting up a response for each context.

For example, the host will use the command “Maika, good morning” to turn off the air conditioner, turn off the night light, open the curtains, and play the morning playlist. OLLI MAIKA smart speaker’s response when doing all of the above: “Good morning Maika, have a nice day”.

Or the context “Maika, I’m home” and let the OLLI MAIKA smart speaker quickly help you turn on the lights, turn on the air conditioner with a loving greeting: “Welcome home, remember to wash your hands with soapy water. bacteria to protect your health.”

Loa thông minh OLLI MAIKA: mảnh ghép cuối cùng hoàn thiện bức tranh smarthome Việt Nam - Ảnh 3.

Set up a smart home context with just a single command, raising the bar and level of living space.

In the busy and hectic pace of life, every time I return home, I return to a peaceful and loving place. Controlling Vietnamese smart home through OLLI MAIKA smart speaker integrated with Vietnamese virtual assistant promises to open up a comfortable living space and connect all family members. Not stopping there, the Vietnamese virtual assistant MAIKA also has the ability to self-study to personalize according to the user’s preferences. In the near future, virtual assistant MAIKA will no longer passively receive commands and execute from users, but can actively give advice or warnings to users. Up to now, smarthome systems of Dien Quang, Tuya Smart, ACIS, Goman and Homegy have linked with OLLI MAIKA speakers. In the near future, OLLI MAIKA speakers will continue to be connected with other smart home manufacturers to provide a variety of choices for users and let OLLI realize the dream of bringing home comfort. smart to every Vietnamese family.

Experience the convenience of smart home with OLLI MAIKA smart speaker at showroom: 88 Bach Dang, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, City. Ho Chi Minh

Find out more information about OLLI MAIKA smart speaker at: https://olli.vn/

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