Old lady “Mrs. Tan Vlog” has just passed away, leaving YouTube channel 6 million sub full of humanity and meaning

Tram Ho

Ms. Tan Vlog is one of the only names that is still growing and growing to this day based on the trend of making super huge dish in YouTube market in Vietnam. However, in the world, there have been many people who make videos with similar styles for a long time, including the most famous is Mr. Narayana Reddy from India with the “Grandpa Kitchen” channel that currently owns more than 6 million sub.

Cụ ông “tiền bối” của Bà Tân Vlog vừa qua đời, để lại kênh YouTube 6 triệu sub đầy nhân văn và ý nghĩa - Ảnh 1.

Mr. Narayana Reddy.

However, the past few days have happened a sadly tinged event for the whole family as well as the fans of Grandpa Kitchen, because Old Reddy has just closed his eyes to die.

This news came in and was shared by many after the latest video was posted on YouTube of her title “Grandpa’s An Emotional and heart touching final journey”. In it, the beautiful and moving moments of Reddy’s life were rewinded as a quick summary movie, and said October 27 earlier was the moment he died.

According to some sources, it is known that this year Reddy has reached the age of 73. During the last years of his life, he spent all his time to accomplish a noble purpose: Cook huge dishes for the hungry, orphaned orphans. All his actions and intentions are unprofitable, all toward a better future for the less fortunate children in the world.

Cooking activities also use larger than normal equipment to perform.

Cụ ông “tiền bối” của Bà Tân Vlog vừa qua đời, để lại kênh YouTube 6 triệu sub đầy nhân văn và ý nghĩa - Ảnh 2.

The happiness of the children enjoying a loving meal from Reddy.

Reddy’s “Grandpa Kitchen” YouTube channel was founded by her nephew Shrikant Reddy in August 2017, combining two other acquaintances to prepare, cook and make videos.

Although only two years have passed, “Grandpa Kitchen” has achieved great success with about 200 videos and more than 6 million sub, all thanks to the channel’s humanistic impression as well as unique creativity when Reddy did not hesitate. hesitate to share the recipes I created for all audiences to try. Moreover, Reddy’s method is also supported by a lot of people because the food is not wasted in vain in the way of view, but is properly utilized and has great compassion.

Normally, the dishes chosen by Mrs. Reddy are traditional Indian Biryani mixed rice, spaghetti or chips … – things that are easy to suit every child’s taste. Later, he developed new dishes himself, most of the work was done outdoors because of the enormous size of both the ingredients and the pots and pans.

Each video of the instrument will be about 12-15 minutes long. Almost all videos follow a common motif: opening with a message with the meaning of sharing, loving and sympathizing as a family, finally ending with the happy smiles of the children enjoying it. just cooked meals, accompanied by the loving quote of many great people.

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