Official: vivo will launch the “peak photography” flagship X70 Pro in Vietnam on September 22

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Following the X60 Pro launched in Vietnam in April, the X70 Pro continues to inherit and develop many of the quintessence of vivo’s advanced technology and ZEISS’s mobile photography expertise to further affirm direction of the technology company with the goal of creating phones with the number one mobile photography technology in the industry. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam will become one of the first markets to welcome the arrival of vivo X70 Pro.

Chính thức: vivo sẽ ra mắt flagship “đỉnh cao nhiếp ảnh” X70 Pro tại Việt Nam vào ngày 22/9 - Ảnh 1.

The first images of the X70 Pro were revealed on the official website of vivo Vietnam

Vivo’s latest flagship is one of the rare smartphones on the market to feature a lens with ZEISS T* coating – the legendary technology that made ZEISS known in the photography industry. This coating helps to limit the phenomenon of “ghosting” and flare as well as reducing light refraction, anti-glare well in strong light or backlit situations, thereby allowing clear shooting in the night. for a sharp, clear image. The rigorous standard from ZEISS T* on the vivo X70 Pro camera promises to bring users impressive night photography experiences.

Continuing to inherit the gimbal anti-shake technology that has become a trademark of the X series, vivo X70 Pro has upgraded the camera system with Gimbal 3.0 stabilization. Compared to previous generations, Gimbal 3.0 on X70 Pro gives 2 times more anti-shake efficiency and especially, it also helps to stabilize photos, 6 times less blurry than ordinary phones.

In particular, with the addition of the Sony IMX766V sensor designed specifically for vivo, the super-sensor Gimbal 3.0 anti-shake technology exerts its superiority in situations where fast and accurate focus is required even at night. , especially useful when recording journey videos, extreme sports vlogs or simply short videos on the road.

In addition, the 5-axis VIS video stabilization on the X70 Pro ensures stable dynamic footage. This technology gives vivo’s new flagship the ability to “vibration shaping”, making every movie smooth and eye-catching without the photographer having to “hold his breath” to record clear images.

Chính thức: vivo sẽ ra mắt flagship “đỉnh cao nhiếp ảnh” X70 Pro tại Việt Nam vào ngày 22/9 - Ảnh 2.

vivo X70 Pro has a lens with ZEISS T* coating

In addition to professional photography capabilities, vivo X70 Pro continues to pursue the luxurious, elegant design with the typical thin and light size of the X series. The camera cluster is arranged in a minimalist cascading layout, increasing the decoration. elegant for the look of vivo X70 Pro. Meanwhile, the back is refined with glittering Huynh Thach AG coating technology, giving a comfortable grip and no fingerprints.

Chính thức: vivo sẽ ra mắt flagship “đỉnh cao nhiếp ảnh” X70 Pro tại Việt Nam vào ngày 22/9 - Ảnh 3.

More detailed information about the features of vivo X70 Pro 5G will be revealed at the launch event on September 22

Features a super-sensor Gimbal 3.0-equipped ZEISS lens that captures every movement, comes with ZEISS T* coating to help shape colors in all lighting conditions, and many significant upgrades. More will be revealed in the near future, vivo X70 Pro promises to create a fever in the community of technology and photography enthusiasts like the “predecessors” X50 Pro and X60 Pro. Let’s wait for the official information to be announced during the official launch event of vivo X70 Pro on September 22.

More information about X70 Pro is posted on vivo Vietnam’s official website here .

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