Nutanix holds the leading position in the market share of hyper-converged infrastructure and hybrid cloud computing for 5 consecutive years

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Nutanix is ​​a leader in hybrid/multi-cloud computing, and was also named Top 1 Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) 5 times in a row. Nutanix believes that its success is due to the expanded and upgraded HCI software as well as the support from customers.

Nutanix với 5 năm liên tiếp giữ ngôi đầu thị phần hạ tầng siêu hội tụ và điện toán đám mây lai - Ảnh 1.

Rajiv Mirani, Chief Technology Officer at Nutanix said: “Nutanix is ​​constantly driving new innovations to ensure that our HCI solutions meet the needs of our customers on their journey to the cloud. surname”. “Enterprises are driving a multi-cloud, hybrid cloud strategy, and we’ve seen customers rapidly adopt HCI solutions to simplify data center modernization while leveraging automation capabilities.” We believe that continued recognition in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for HCI software demonstrates Nutanix’s commitment to delivering scalable solutions and support for our customers’ success.”

Cloud computing deployment roadmap for businesses

As businesses plan for the future, businesses are continuing to familiarize themselves with the cloud and modernize existing infrastructure. This enables organizations to react in real time to the ever-changing Information Technology (IT) landscape, with hybrid multi-cloud solutions providing the benefits of both the cloud. public cloud and private cloud. HCI solutions have emerged as an effective way to modernize the data center and cut the cost and complexity that come with hybrid multi-cloud deployments step-by-step. According to Gartner, “HCI suites can be turnkey hybrid clouds, providing cloud and infrastructure management services both on-premises and in premium public clouds. They have replaced effectively replace self-built hybrid cloud technologies like OpenStack.” Gartner also notes, “The most advanced HCI suites deliver the entire infrastructure from compute, storage, and networking through software. Software-Defined Infrastructure is key. key for automation, hybrid cloud, and edge infrastructure.”

Nutanix với 5 năm liên tiếp giữ ngôi đầu thị phần hạ tầng siêu hội tụ và điện toán đám mây lai - Ảnh 2.

Expanding beyond HCI, shaking hands with many strategic partners

With HCI at its core, Nutanix’s Cloud Platform provides unified management, the ability to move applications, data, and copyrights between multiple clouds, whether private or public. Nutanix recently added enhancements to its HCI software capabilities that disrupt traditional patterns of complexity in multi-cloud operations, including built-in enterprise-grade virtualization, network virtualization, security, business continuity, and disaster recovery. New capabilities in the Nutanix Cloud Platform simplify data management and optimize the performance of databases and big data for mission-critical applications. This includes expanded unified storage capabilities focused on performance, scale, portability, and administration for files and databases. Additionally, the Nutanix Era database service provides one-click storage scaling and role-based access control for database management across hybrid multi-cloud environments. .

In addition, Nutanix continues to strengthen its foundation for cloud applications and recently announced a strategic partnership with Red Hat to provide open hybrid multi-cloud solutions. This partnership enables customers to run Red Hat OpenShift on top of Nutanix’s AHV virtualization layer and utilize the storage, networking, management, and security capabilities built into Nutanix’s HCI solution, thereby creating Best Kubernetes environment. The Nutanix and AHV cloud platforms are also certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux allowing customers to deploy virtualized and containerized workloads on hyper-converged infrastructure, building on the combined benefits of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technology and Nutanix’s hyper-converged services.

On February 23, 2022, businesses will have the opportunity to talk with Nutanix experts and partners at the event “Road for infrastructure modernization, building hybrid cloud with Nutanix”. Register at:

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