Number of cameras sold in 2019: Canon leads DSLR, Sony still asserted its position with Mirrorless

Tram Ho

This week, the Nikkei Japanese newspaper published an article about the dramatic transformations of the camera market after Sony explored a new path to mirrorless cameras. Equally noteworthy is the statistics table of the number of cameras shipped by major manufacturers in 2019.

Số lượng máy ảnh bán ra trong 2019: Canon dẫn đầu DSLR, Sony vẫn khẳng định vị thế với Mirrorless - Ảnh 1.

Accordingly, Canon still remains at the top of the line of cameras that it has advantages from ever before – DSLR, while in mirrorless cameras, Sony dominates. Specifically, in 2019, a total of 8.66 million cameras were shipped, including:

– Canon: 4.16 million units

Nikon: 1.73 million units

– Sony: 1.66 million units

– Fujifilm: 500,000 units

– Olympus: 330,000 units

All other brands: 280,000 units

Out of that number, 3.94 million mirrorless cameras accounted for 46%. This figure includes:

– Sony: 1.65 million units

– Canon: 940,000 units

– Fujifilm: 500,000 units

– Olympus: 330,000 units

– Nikon: 280,000 units

All other brands: 240,000 units

Despite being number 1 in the mirrorless market, Sony has also suffered a bit of ‘heat’ from Canon. Although Canon only launched the first Full-frame Mirrorless models at the end of 2018, Canon is now not too inferior to Sony. Nikon accounts for only 16% of the total camera shipments, just a little bit more, losing second place to Sony and only 5th in the mirrorless camera rankings, even losing. even Olympus.

These are the numbers from last year, and this year will certainly see many changes as both Canon and Sony release their very powerful cameras. Canon launched two mirrorless cameras with very high configuration, EOS R5 and R6 , Sony has a pair of cameras specializing in recording A7S III and compact Full-frame Alpha A7C .

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Source : Genk