Now you can go to Minecraft, build a PC running Windows 95 to play DOOM

Tram Ho

The world of Minecraft seems to be unlimited and you can do as much as you want. Now with the VM Computers mod, players can order computer components from satellites in the Minecraft world, build a PC that can run Windows 95 and many other operating systems.

Giờ bạn có thể vào Minecraft, tự build một chiếc PC chạy Windows 95 để chơi DOOM - Ảnh 1.

This mod uses VirtualBox, a free and open source virtual machine software, to be able to run operating systems like Windows 95. In Minecraft, you just need to place a PC block and use it to create a hard drive. virtual machine, then install the operating system from the ISO files.

The Minecraft community is excited about this mod, and one member was able to actually launch Windows 95 to play DOOM. Of course the game screen will be quite small and the resolution is also very low, but this is still an interesting experience.

This is just the beginning, because people can install many different operating systems and many other applications in the world of Minecraft. It won’t be surprising that you can play Minecraft on PC in Minecraft. Or in the future can play high-profile games such as Crysis for example.

Reference: theverge

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