Note when testing mobile applications

Tram Ho

Before starting to test any one application on mobile, we always have to pay attention to a few things to test mobile applications more effectively, namely the following:

  1. Analyze similar / similar apps: Try to analyze some other similar apps to yours. For example, if you have to test any media sharing application on Mobile just search for some other media sharing application and observe the features of that application.
  2. Keep your emulator ready to test: sometimes it takes time to make any request, like to request to download a media file, or to load a page on the device. In this case, to save time, you will probably have to try testing with your emulator, maximizing the time spent, and minimizing the total time spent on testing.
  3. Device Analysis of Related Issues: When equipped, analyze what device is associated with known problems. This helps you understand what is the problem with the device and what is the problem with your application after performing the test.
  4. Use emulator but do not trust emulator completely: When performing the test, you may need the emulator for help but note that the whole test will not be described in the emulator. Moreover, the response time in emulator is faster, so it might happen that you will miss some weak network problem on the device.
  5. Definition of performance criteria: criteria for any mobile application performance, this is one of the most important concerns. Make sure you have some performance parameters in place for you to test the mobile application against it. Memory / memory is one of the toughest performance challenges for mobile devices, and your app behavior under these conditions is a fun thing to see.

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