Not yet open for sale, BKAV’s AirB application has received a series of 1* reviews

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On December 5, BKAV will officially open for sale the pair of AirB and AirB Pro headphones. AirB and AirB Pro are equipped with a number of features such as touch control, noise-cancelling mic when talking, IP45 water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0. Particularly AirB Pro has active noise cancellation (ANC). The price of AirB is 1.49 million VND and AirB Pro is 2.99 million VND.

In order to prepare for the launch day, a few days ago, BKAV’s team uploaded the “AirB” application on the App Store (Apple/iOS) and Play Store (Google/Android). This is a management and control application exclusively for the high-end AirB Pro (the “regular” AirB version has no app).

Chưa mở bán, ứng dụng AirB của BKAV đã nhận hàng loạt đánh giá 1* trên chợ ứng dụng - Ảnh 1.

AirB App on Play Store

Up to now, although not yet available to users, the AirB application has received a series of 1* reviews. Most of these reviews expressed dissatisfaction with CEO Nguyen Tu Quang, who has repeatedly made shocking statements throughout the years. Others criticized the AirB application for having an unsightly interface, lagging, and having an interface component copied from Apple.

“The user interface looks a bit alum. The product is temporary. However, AirB is a mid-range segment headset, but the company flatters it to the sky. Therefore, I recommend that Mr. Quang should fire the whole room. MKT or resign from your current position to raise the bar for BKAV. It’s really impossible to accept a Vietnamese brand and be stoned and turned away by the Vietnamese themselves.”, user T.Đ.M wrote.

At the time of writing, the AirB app on the Play Store has received 181 reviews, reaching 2.1/5*.

Chưa mở bán, ứng dụng AirB của BKAV đã nhận hàng loạt đánh giá 1* trên chợ ứng dụng - Ảnh 2.

Recently, the AirB headset has become a hot topic in the Vietnamese technology world. First announced in May 2020, but it was not until the end of October 2021 that BKAV completed the development of this headset to put into production.

Despite the “late birth”, the AirB has a design that is considered similar to Apple’s AirPods. When asked about this, Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang stated that there is “nothing to be ashamed of” in commercial business and a way of marketing.

Another controversial design detail of the AirB is the “rope” hinge, which we consider loose and unpretentious, in contrast to the AirB’s claim to be a “premium, fully engineered” product. fine workmanship” written on the box. BKAV CEO continued to speak, saying that this design is to “save for customers” when limiting broken/broken hinges.

Chưa mở bán, ứng dụng AirB của BKAV đã nhận hàng loạt đánh giá 1* trên chợ ứng dụng - Ảnh 3.

The “rope” hinge, a controversial design detail of the AirB

The incident culminated when BKAV asked three Youtube channels AnhEm TV, Duy Tham and Tan Mot Cu to remove the AirB review video (with negative content), because a BKAV employee “wrongly sent” to these channels a unfinished version of AirB. “The evaluation based on the PRODUCTION product will not be objective, so no manufacturer wants that to happen. Specifically, the new PRODUCTION version mainly focuses on the product’s SHAPE, not complete yet. Especially the audio SOFTWARE will only be BASIC, there will be no proper alignment with the mechanical design of the SPEAKER BOX after it is completed.” , Mr. Quang wrote on social networks.

Pham Ngoc Tan, owner of the Tan Mot Cu Youtube channel and one of the three reviewers mentioned above, publicly criticized BKAV’s unprofessional way of working and stated that he “didn’t want to work with BKAV”.

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