Not only the Mac M1, MacBook Intel will also be “reformed” design next year

Tram Ho

After a long wait, Apple has finally officially released the first three Macs running on Apple Silicon M1 chips using the new ARM architecture. But contrary to what users expect, these 13-inch ARM MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are still “old bottles of new wine”. M1 chip can be really powerful, but those who are expecting a “transformation” on the design of the Air line or Pro 13 series like what Apple has done with the 16-inch Pro line will be disappointed, because These 2 machines look no different from their predecessors.

Không chỉ Mac M1, MacBook Intel cũng sẽ được cải tổ thiết kế trong năm sau - Ảnh 1.

The MacBook Air M1 and both the MacBook Pro 13 M1 maintain the same design compared to its predecessor

According to “fellow” Ming-Chi Kuo, who has accurate judgment about the Apple product lines, the new design of ARM-based MacBooks will only be released by Apple in the second half of next year. Expected the 13-inch MacBook Pro will be Apple “reform” design, increasing the screen size to 14 inches while keeping the overall machine size. In addition, Apple is expected to also integrate Face ID technology into the new Mac. This 14-inch MacBook Pro is expected to be released in the second quarter or third quarter of next year, not at the March event as many previous information revealed.

Không chỉ Mac M1, MacBook Intel cũng sẽ được cải tổ thiết kế trong năm sau - Ảnh 2.

Will the new MacBook M1 come out next year with a design like this?

Not only is Apple Silicon-based Macs “reformed” designed, Apple is also expected to bring a new design to Intel-based Macs, but specifically the 4-port version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Thunderbolt 3. This shows that at least for the next two years, the Intel Mac family hasn’t been abandoned by Apple. Two years is also the minimum time for Apple to make the transition to use the entire ARM chip system on Macs.

Không chỉ Mac M1, MacBook Intel cũng sẽ được cải tổ thiết kế trong năm sau - Ảnh 3.

Several other sources have also revealed that Apple will launch a 24-inch version of the iMac with a new design and a smaller version of the Mac Pro.

The new M1 chip has recently demonstrated its strong performance with an impressive performance score, completely comparable to the 16-inch MacBook Pro models running high-end Intel chips. In the coming time when ARM applications are released and optimized, users will have a more complete experience on the new platform.

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