Not every sign of a cough or fever is a test for coronavirus, this is what you need to do first

Tram Ho

The situation of acute coronary pneumonia epidemic (Covid-19) in the world has tended to be complicated, causing many people to increase their vigilance. Information about the progress of translation, the response of countries, professional opinions of people in the health sector as well as ways to prevent and symptom of diseases are very concerned.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), common symptoms in people with Covid-19 are runny nose, sore throat, cough and fever … Worth mentioning, these symptoms are similar to seasonal flu so It is very easy to confuse each other.

This makes many people just sneeze, runny nose also rush to see a doctor, resulting in overloaded medical facilities, even affecting your own economy.

You can test your knowledge yourself when you suspect corona virus infection with the quick test below:

Of course being careful is a good thing, but according to the World Health Organization (WHO), people who are susceptible to corona virus infection (Covid-19) may be:

– People living or traveling to areas where Covid-19 is infected are at risk of infection. Currently, the Covid-19 outbreak is outbreaking in China – where the majority of infected people have been reported. People who are infected in other countries are those who have recently traveled to China or are currently living / in close contact with such people, such as family members, colleagues, or health care workers, before they know it. Covid-19 infected patients.

– Health care workers who care for people infected with Covid-19 are at higher risk and must protect themselves by infection prevention and control measures.

So if you are not among the susceptible people mentioned above, have no symptoms, or have mild symptoms of flu, what you should do is isolate yourself at home .

The Ministry of Health has guided in detail isolation at home to prevent epidemics as follows:

– The maximum time of isolation is 14 days, counting from the date of the last contact with the identified case or suspected case or from the date of entry into Vietnam. When a suspect person is diagnosed with no exclusion, the isolated person concerned will end the isolation.

– The person in isolation complies with self-isolation at home or place of residence at the prescribed time, preferably in a separate room. In case the family does not have a private room, the bed of the isolated person should be at least 2m away from the bed of other family members and measure at least 2 times by body temperature (morning) , pm) one day; Record measurement results and general health status on the daily health monitoring sheet.

– Quarantined persons must collect used masks, towels, tissues, mouth and mouth into separate garbage bags and store them in the corner of the insulated room; do not eat with family members and places of residence; Do not automatically leave home or residence.

Không phải cứ có dấu hiệu ho, sốt là lao đi xét nghiệm virus corona, đây mới là việc bạn cần làm trước tiên - Ảnh 2.

At the same time, immediately notify health workers of communes, wards and townships assigned to monitor as soon as one of the symptoms suspected: fever, cough, shortness of breath.

From the above information, it can be seen that it is not just that there are abnormal signs that you need to see a doctor right away but you need to be active at home isolation, but during the isolation process, you need to follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health. If necessary, medical devices should be issued to ensure that disease sources are not transmitted (if any).

To learn more about how to handle if Covid-19 virus infection is suspected, please download the Lotus app ( iOS / Android ) immediately to test it. 11 questionnaires consulted by leading health experts will help you supplement the most complete – reliable – accurate knowledge.

Không phải cứ có dấu hiệu ho, sốt là lao đi xét nghiệm virus corona, đây mới là việc bạn cần làm trước tiên - Ảnh 3.
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