Not afraid to compete with ‘big companies’, using unique strategies, how has TikTok changed traditional marketing activities?

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In February, the United States had 102 million people watch the live broadcast of the famous Super Bowl. They were satisfied with the dramatic match between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. However, for many viewers, the most memorable moments were the commercials.

Super Bowl commercials – usually companies pay about $ 5 million per 30 seconds, have long played a major role in this tournament. This year is no different, with the presence of Amazon, Google, Audi, Bud Light, Budweiser, Heinz and other brands on TV.

However, the highlight of this year is that it is not only the “big players” that appear in the advertising repertoire and hold marketing opportunities. TikTok – a social media application launched in 2017 and experiencing tremendous growth, ran two commercials during the tournament.

Advertising is just the beginning of TikTok’s aggressive marketing strategy to attract a wider and more diverse audience. This social media app has been very successful in capturing adolescents, but not so popular in the middle-aged consumer market.

Here’s how TikTok is expected to grow its user base:

Take advantage of the huge number of viewers

TikTok already knows how to take advantage of the 102 million Super Bowl followers and the company also plans to advertise in other major matches in the US. As the Wall Street Journal previously said, “this company’s efforts at this year’s Super Bowl could serve as a role model for how they approach other major sporting events, as well as literary events. Other famous chemistry about music, fashion and beauty. ”

A spokesman for TikTok said the company will continue to implement the marketing strategy associated with the March Madness basketball tournament of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This was an event that attracted 10.5 million viewers in 2019. The spokesperson also added that TikTok will promote during the Tokyo Olympics in the summer. The person said: “TikTok is now part of the zeitgeist. We will continue to promote in such great events.”

Even for companies that lack the resources to run a Super Bowl or Olympics campaign, it’s important to find ways to reach a large audience. So how to reach the most users by using available resources? What type of audience are you trying to attract? These are the questions that marketing teams should ask.

Cooperate with other companies

Advertising is often considered to be a company paying to reach a wider customer base. For example, TikTok pays FOX to advertise during the Super Bowl.

However, what happens if the ad is not like a “zero-sum game”? What if the marketing teams could work together to help both companies? This is exactly what TikTok has done with “hashtag challenges” (hashtag challenges). This challenge allows brands to buy ad placements on TikTok’s own platform, creating millions of views for both that brand and the social media company.

According to WSJ, “the hashtag challenge has a prominent place on the TikTok app, advertising executives say, and can generate hundreds of millions of views across the platform if favorable. In the season.” collected last year, TikTok collected a $ 150k fee for brands for each sponsored hashtag challenge. ”

One of those brands is Kind – a famous snack chain. Kind launched a contest with the hashtag #kindsimplecrunchcontest, encouraging TikTok users to post videos of “chewing” the brand’s snack bars. In just 24 hours, Kind’s original post had 18 million views.

According to AdAge, TikTok “mainly attracts entertainment brands like Radio Disney (1.5 million followers) and Netflix (575,400 followers.” Other brands like Kind, Red Bull, Kit -Kat, Coca-Cola Japan, Mountain Dew, Hyundai and Chitpole are just some of the names that have just started a marketing campaign on this video sharing app.

Innovation in advertising technology

TikTok has shown that this company can compete with the biggest advertisers. To do that, they have constantly renovated the marketing system. According to the Financial Times, TikTok’s marketing campaign “includes the ability to target ad refinement, more effectively automate the ad buying process, and build third-party monitoring and verification in terms of numbers. whether its advertising. ” Taking these steps, TikTok “is building ad technology to reach parity with advertising with the binary model of Google and Facebook.”

Companies often seek success after implementing a certain marketing strategy and then “overslept on winning”. However, TikTok shows that they are willing to try new technologies. Blake Chandlee, head of TikTok’s global business solutions division, said in December: “We think we can build our advertising platform in a way that suits the world where we are. towards rather than what the world is. ”

This long-term strategy is something any marketing group can do. Instead of looking at the present, look to the future you want to look forward to in 1, 2 or 5 years and ask where the future will lead you. Just as the marketing structure of TikTok has shown us, answering those questions is crucial to finding success.

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