Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 launched, priced at around VND 600,000

Tram Ho

Today (May 12), HMD Global has just launched two new Nokia phones. However, these are not two smartphones but just a “brick” phone, with names respectively Nokia 125 and Nokia 150.

Nokia 125 và Nokia 150 ra mắt, giá khoảng 600.000 đồng - Ảnh 1.

Nokia 125

The Nokia 125 has a fairly long body, creating enough space to accommodate a large keyboard and 2.4-inch color screen, allowing users to operate more easily during daily use.

The phone doesn’t have a camera, but it still has an LED light on the back. It runs the familiar Series 30+ operating system of Nokia, comes with 4MB of RAM and only 4MB of internal memory, which does not support memory expansion.

Nokia 125 và Nokia 150 ra mắt, giá khoảng 600.000 đồng - Ảnh 2.

Nokia 125

Other specifications of the Nokia 125 include a 1020mAh removable battery, FM radio, 3.5mm headphone jack and 2 SIM support with 2G network connectivity. Meanwhile, the case is made of hard and very strong polycarbonate plastic, highly resistant to impact.

Nokia 125 comes with two color options, Black and White, sold in certain markets and has an average retail price of about 24 USD (about 560,000 VND).

Nokia 125 và Nokia 150 ra mắt, giá khoảng 600.000 đồng - Ảnh 3.

Nokia 150

For Nokia 150 , this phone also has a “long body” and owns many similarities in design with the Nokia 6300 series from decades ago.

It has the same specifications as the Nokia 125 but adds Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 player, 32GB of internal memory to store songs and a VGA camera at the back, with LED flash.

Nokia 150 promotional video

Nokia 150 has a case made of polycarbonate plastic, comes with 3 color options: Red, Blue and Black. The device is sold in certain markets, with an average retail price of about 29 USD (~ 680,000 VND).

Currently, HMD Global has not announced the release date of both phones.

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