No longer “keep it private”, Huawei will sell its chips to other brands

Tram Ho

Recently at Elexcon 2019, HiSilicon – the subsidiary responsible for chip design for Huawei, has just announced that it will sell 4G chips to other manufacturers. Previously, HiSilicon only provided components for its parent company, Huawei, but the semiconductor brand is hoping to broaden its horizons with new partnerships and new products.

Không còn giữ làm của riêng, Huawei sẽ bán chip của mình cho các hãng khác - Ảnh 1.

While designing parts for Huawei, HiSilicon says it will also work with other companies. In addition to providing semiconductors, the manufacturer also invests in the field of security cameras in China, as well as electric vehicles and a few other projects.

During the event, HiSilicon introduced a new product line of Smart Vision branded camera, using Hi3559C processor, supporting HEVC 8K 30fps video recording. In addition, the company also announced that the TV and set-top box (TV set-top box) is one, taking the new brand as Smart Media.

Finally, Huawei's subsidiary also said that it is planning to join the AIoT field like Xiaomi. If you do not know, AIoT is a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to achieve more efficient operations, improve interaction between people and machines, increase strengthen data management and analysis capabilities.

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Source : Genk