No longer exclusive to the Galaxy Note, how will the potential of the S-Pen be unleashed?

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But perhaps the most intriguing change is the introduction of the S-Pen, even though it will most likely be sold as a separate accessory instead of being built into the Galaxy S21.

Loyal Galaxy Note fans will say that Samsung’s decision to bring the S-Pen to more Galaxy devices will overshadow the Galaxy Note branding. In fact, the biggest beneficiaries in the long run will be S-Pen users. This is why.

The S-Pen will become more popular in many different price segments

It’s been 9 years since the Galaxy Note appeared on the market, and it took Samsung 8 years to bring the S-Pen to a non-flagship smartphone – the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

For nearly a decade, many Samsung customers have wanted to try the S-Pen experience on their own but cannot, because they are too attached to the Galaxy S series, and owning a second flagship phone is not. is possible, or for many other reasons as well.

It should be clear that Samsung never mentioned the S-Pen and Galaxy S21 together, but the company has confirmed it will bring more Galaxy Note-specific features to more Galaxy phones next year. There is quite a bit of unofficial evidence that the Galaxy S21 series, or at least the Galaxy S21 Ultra, will have a screen capable of reading input signals from the S-Pen.

Perhaps Samsung will save the S-Pen for flagship lines including Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Z Fold. Once again, you should know this is just the beginning, and the Korean company plans to roll out various S-Pen accessories for many other Galaxy phones at different prices.

Không còn độc quyền trên Galaxy Note, tiềm năng của bút S-Pen sẽ được giải phóng ra sao? - Ảnh 1.

The more popular S-Pen will help bring about better sets of applications

The Galaxy Note series has a sizable loyal following, but it is not Samsung’s most popular smartphone line. That means the company can’t spend too much time and resources improving each generation of the S-Pen.

Things could change dramatically next year if the S-Pen becomes widely available. The more people who have access to and use the S-Pen, the more reasons Samsung has to improve the input device and its productivity suite. Therefore, on the one hand, the S-Pen will no longer be the secret weapon of every Galaxy Note user, but on the other hand, it will be a small price to pay for a better experience. Perhaps one day, the S-Pen will have the feature you’ve dreamed of but not yet fulfilled because the number of users is not large enough for Samsung to invest.

After all, longtime Galaxy Note fans won’t be able to brag about having exclusive access to the S-Pen as before, but the more popular S-Pen will also give them huge benefits. Samsung will finally have a reason to restructure the S-Pen suite and focus more attention on other apps as it did with Samsung Notes.

Reference: SamMobile

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