Nhan Hoa with VFone service – Demonstrating the effectiveness of technology application in business

Tram Ho

Nhan Hoa Software Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is the official domain name registrar of VNNIC (Vietnam Internet Network Information Center) and ICANN (International Domain Name and Internet Authority).

Over 17 years of establishment and development, Nhan Hoa always strives to be creative to become a full service provider and total solutions for businesses and organizations in the field of Information Technology.

So far, Nhan Hoa has had more than 50,000+ customers and hundreds of agents nationwide, creating a brand and a foothold in Vietnam.

Carrying on the mission and ambition to promote Vietnam's IT industry can be bright with advanced countries in the world, Nhan Hoa has always innovated in thinking and flexible in action, professionalizing translation products. service, leading the technology in order to create highly innovative products, bringing more value to customers

Typically, the Web4S Website Design service of Nhan Hoa has received Sao Khue Award – an award that honors, praises and encourages businesses, agencies, collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements to contribute, Quickly promote the development of Vietnam's software and information technology industry.

VFone PBX – Digital PBX Technology in the Age of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Coming to VMD2019, Nhan Hoa is proud to bring VFone – a telephone switchboard built on cloud computing platform, combined with modern VoIP technology to provide customers with high quality calls at cost. the shortest.

With VFone , customers only need to equip Internet telephones (IP Phone) or calling application (Softphone) to be able to fully use the features of a professional switchboard without investing in the system. expensive hardware.

In addition, businesses absolutely do not have to spend any extra costs other than the monthly service fee to use a professional PBX system.

  • Cost savings, manpower optimization

For businesses with many departments or branches in different locations, VFone PBX is the best saving solution because absolutely no cost for internal calls. Moreover, businesses will not have to pay operating costs and maintenance staff, these jobs will be fully undertaken by VFone.

  • Detailed management to each employee

VFone is proud to be the first digital switchboard in Vietnam to have an admin page that can manage the operation status of all branch servers in real time, in addition, managers can easily assess the effectiveness of customer service / Telesales of employees with useful call recording features.

  • Open and move unlimitedly

For the traditional switchboard (analog switchboard), the expansion and movement will face many difficulties due to limitations that can only be deployed with a radius of 1,000m, change the location of the phone to travel and reconfigure on switchboard, …

Now, VFone, with its advantages of operating on the Internet platform, can take advantage of the existing network infrastructure, the expansion is unlimited and deploy extremely quickly, completely eliminate the cumbersome telephone cables. Missing aesthetic.

  • Continuously develop many useful features

Not only stop at listening / calling like current switchboards on the market. VFone has continuously researched and launched many useful features for businesses:

– Clicking on the free call on the website helps listeners and callers at no cost.

– More than 70% increase in successful closing rate thanks to the function of listening / speaking secretly to support employees.

– Automatically transfer customers who are contacting the right staff who have consulted.

– Call automatically notification, CCKH, Telesales, …

In June this year in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Nhan Hoa team will attend the biggest Mobile event in Vietnam: Vietnam Mobile Day 2019, promising to bring completely new customer care solutions. to the community of digital enthusiasts in Vietnam. Don't miss at: https://mobileday.vn/en/ve-tham-du/

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