NFT divides the gaming world: Steam is completely banned, Epic Store is welcoming again

Tram Ho

While games based on blockchain technology or allowing users to exchange NFT items are becoming popular, Steam – one of the world’s largest PC game distribution stores – has just decided to ban the titles. this game on its platform, according to a new rule added by Valve.

The change was discovered by SpacePirate, an NFT-based game developer. The developer of this game discovered this change when Valve did not allow game items to have real value.

NFT gây chia rẽ thế giới game: Steam cấm cửa hoàn toàn, Epic Store lại dang tay chào đón - Ảnh 1.

This is presenting a huge opportunity for Steam’s rival, the game distribution store Epic Store, when CEO Tim Sweeney said the company has no intention of preventing these items on its store. According to Epic, the company is “open” to the idea of ​​games using NFT items or cryptocurrencies.

Steam has a history of making controversial censorship decisions, especially when it comes to games involving sexual content. However, in this case, it seems that Steam’s decision is supported by many people – the majority of people who re-tweet and quote SpacePirate’s tweet support Valve’s decision.

It’s understandable why Steam wants to avoid NFTs on its platform. While SpacePirate thinks NFT items can have real value (similar to many CS:GO skins being bought and sold by the global community), NFT items and crypto-based games chemistry is not having a good reputation.

Many people still remember the story of the game Evolved Apes when the developer sold the NFTs with the promise that they would be included in the fighting game, but it seems that the developer then took the money and ran away. . There are of course many other exciting games that are tapping into the NFT’s potential, but it’s hard to say how many of them are a good fit for Steam – if that’s allowed.

The different approach between Steam and Epic shows the reality that any platform or store has to make a decision about whether they want apps or games that sell NFT items. Now, the next attention will turn to Apple when they are holding the App Store – which has a larger revenue for games than other game distribution stores combined.

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