Next Blockchain generation for a reliable 5G world

Tram Ho

YeeCo is committed to building a high-performance, decentralized Internet infrastructure, allowing freedom of transactions within the IoT network built on the 5G network.

The combination of YeeCo blockchain with artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and 5G technology is expected to promote the development of smart healthcare, smart traffic, smart cities, digital and digital society. property.

YeeCo has developed innovative and high-performance “shard layer” models, applying PoW and CRFG solutions, YeeCo’s final deterministic techniques, to address performance and security issues in cross-transactions and cross-shard and cross-chain.

YeeCo has a token code, YEE, and has been listed on Huobi and OKEX exchanges.

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YeeCo Roadmap

The Whitepaper Vietnamese version will be released next month. We are building a new community for Vietnamese people and these are steps to receive rewards:

  • Step 1: Join YeeCo Vietna’s Telegram group at:
  • Step 2: Join the Telegram channel of YeeCo Vietnam:
  • Step 3: Read the YeeCo introduction & answer questions and answer questions;
  • Step 4: Receive lottery tickets and referral links. You can invite friends to join to receive more tickets.

Award deadline: July 31, 2019

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