New technology products are about to appear in early 2020

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CES 2020, one of the biggest technology trade shows of the year will take place from 7/1, bringing together a series of “technology giants” of the world.

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Apple : According to a source from Bloomberg , Apple wants to surprise its appearance at CES 2020 after nearly 30 years of ignoring the world’s leading electronics fair. Specifically, Apple will hold an introduction of smart home technology. In addition, Apple also plans to call on a series of smart device manufacturing partners to use their systems to connect home technology applications.
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Samsung : As one of the largest tech companies that regularly attend at CES every year, it’s not difficult to understand when the Samsung booth always attracts special attention. According to the official disclosure on the homepage, Samsung confirmed that it will bring to CES 2020 the first new Odyssey curved gaming monitor product line that has ever had high-performance 1000R curvature and beautiful QLED image quality.
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Dell : Dell is one of the most popular computer manufacturing brands in the US. It often brings CES trump cards. This electronics fair is often chosen by Dell as the venue for the most powerful laptops and desktops from the company. The new XPS 13 laptop has a clamshell design, a new Alienware gaming computer line, and some other interesting revelations that users are waiting for at CES 2020.
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LG : With fierce competition with Samsung, users can absolutely expect LG to bring the best products at CES 2020. According to some sources, at CES 2020, LG may announce. new LG Gram laptop models with 3 versions 14, 15 and 17 inch running Intel 10th generation Ice Lake processors and a series of TVs with up to 8K resolution.
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Sony : Sony is also expected to bring Las Vegas 8K screen technology along with some other high-end entertainment technology products. In addition to TVs and high-end headphones, the new PlayStation 5 gaming console is also a much-awaited name from Sony at CES 2020.
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Facebook : According to Business Insider , the social networking giant is planning to hold a press conference on the sidelines of the CES 2020 event. It is still unclear exactly what Facebook will bring at this press conference. Some have speculated that the world’s largest social network will focus on promoting some new software besides Oculus virtual headsets and Portal video chat devices.
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Google : Google is expected to have a spectacular appearance at CES 2020 after resonating at CES 2019 by turning Google Assistant into a translator with the ability to directly translate 27 languages. Most likely, Google will continue to add some features to Google Assistant at CES 2020 through hardware and device manufacturing partners that support it.
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HTC : A well-known smartphone manufacturer will return to CES 2020 and will likely introduce some new points in the line of Vive virtual reality headsets that are quite successful. According to Business Insider, the Vive VR headset line is leading in terms of image fidelity and processing power. Users hope to witness a standalone virtual reality technology without a computer from HTC at CES 2020.
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Source : Techtalk