New research describes how to detect wormholes – portals that allow us to travel to other regions of space

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Einstein’s general theory of relativity has changed the way the world evaluates the basic concepts of physics, from space and time to the interactions of giant floating objects in the Universe. Yet, like most great discoveries, it opens up more questions than answers.

One of the questions that has been questioning for years has been the wormhole, which is thought to be a bridge between points in space and in theory, and could in theory be a shortcut that allows astronauts to quickly move. turn light years long.

Unlike black holes, wormholes are still only imaginary. However, some researchers think there will soon be evidence that worm holes exist. In recent months, a series of new scientific papers have been published that have increased the likelihood of the wormhole being physically present.

Nghiên cứu mới mô tả cách phát hiện hố giun - những cánh cổng cho phép ta du hành tới những vùng không gian khác - Ảnh 1.

An illustration of a wormhole connecting two spacetime panels.

Black holes and worm holes are special answers that arise from Einstein’s formula, which appear when spacetime structures are bent by gravity.

For example, when matter is dense, the spacetime matrix will be bent down to the point that as fast as a photon would not escape. This is called a black hole.

Einstein’s theory showed that spacetime panels can be stretched, bent, or persisted in any shape. In 1935, Einstein and physicist Nathan Rosen describe how two spacetime panels can be linked together, creating a bridge between the two worlds. This is a type of wormhole and from the time this term appeared, many more types of wormholes have been envisioned by scientists.

Some wormholes allow matter to move between them, meaning we can travel space using these shortcuts. In order for the space path to be wide and clear, they had to be large in size and carry a huge amount of “negative energy” to keep the hole in the spacetime panel open. It must be strong enough to oppose the natural force called gravity.

We already know that negative energies exist, we even can generate them in the lab. We also know that thanks to the impact of this negative energy, the new Universe continues to expand in all directions. Based on these facts, we can count on nature figuring out how to construct wormholes.

Nghiên cứu mới mô tả cách phát hiện hố giun - những cánh cổng cho phép ta du hành tới những vùng không gian khác - Ảnh 2.

If the wormhole really existed, could we safely move through it?

How do you look at the wormhole?

How to prove wormholes exist? In a newly published scientific report , Russian astronomers say they might exist at the centers of a number of brightly lit galaxies, they also suggest a number of methods of observing potential worm holes. .

Using mathematics, they discovered that when the escaped matter collided with the matter sucked into the wormhole, they could produce a series of gamma rays. It is completely possible to detect these gamma rays with a radio telescope.

This radiation can also be a hallmark of worm holes and black holes; Previously, science only looked at the appearance of these celestial bodies and made a judgment. The black hole produces less gamma rays and shoots in a long ray, while the radiation generated from the worm hole produces a sphere. Even so, the type of wormhole mentioned in this study – a wormhole that exists at the center of a galaxy – even though two points of space are connected, the high temperatures of this area make the trip uncomfortable. not even possible. The high temperatures of the galactic center will burn the “trivial” materials used in the making of cruise ships.

However, there is still hope for the worm holes that lie away from these hotspots.

Nghiên cứu mới mô tả cách phát hiện hố giun - những cánh cổng cho phép ta du hành tới những vùng không gian khác - Ảnh 3.

The center of the Milky Way is the bright area in the upper left corner of the image.

Unlike black holes, worm holes can leak the gravitational force generated by celestial bodies at the other “end of the road”. This bizarre effect could change the path of floating stars at the galactic center. According to new research, when our observatory is sensitive enough, we will be able to measure these special effects.

Just recently, another group of researchers announced a new discovery: strange radio wave circles exist in space. These circles are extremely large and have no connection with any celestial body. At the present time, science has not explained them so we can completely “dump in” the wormhole.

Worm hole> Black hole

We like worm holes more than black holes: for one thing that gives us the ability to travel to new lands to satisfy our passion for discovery, and one that only leads to grief and death. Stephen Hawking’s last book even makes the assumption that the wormhole is the way we travel back in time.

Nghiên cứu mới mô tả cách phát hiện hố giun - những cánh cổng cho phép ta du hành tới những vùng không gian khác - Ảnh 4.

An image of the first black hole that humanity captured.

The concept of worm holes also appeared in quantum physics, which describes how tiny particles interact with each other. According to quantum mechanics, particles can appear in space and then immediately disappear; We even had experiments that proved the existence of this strange event. And if the seeds could naturally form, why couldn’t the wormhole?

Physicists believe that wormholes could form during the early Universe, from clusters of quantum particles that appeared and disappear continuously. Maybe these “ancient” worm holes still exist somewhere in vast space.

Recent experiments with “quantum instantaneous displacement” – the way of transmitting quantum information from one point to another – function similarly to the way two black holes are linked together by a worm hole. These experiments seem to explain the ” black hole information paradox, ” which suggests that physical information can disappear forever within the black hole.

With worm holes linked to both gravity and quantum physics, they not only have the potential to allow us to travel interstellar, but can also act as a bridge between two concepts of physics, true but not. fit together. We may not have found the wormhole yet, but when that day comes, they will be beautiful.

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