New points of the Apple Home Kit in iOS 10

With a dedicated Home App and new ways to manage smart home gadgets on iPhone or iPad, HomeKit is making progress in iOS 10.

In its first public announcement 2 years ago at keynote WWDC 2014, HomeKit is the set of protocols for smart home "communication" widgets and work together in iOS software. iOS 10 will have a new Home app – the main highlight of the home connection setup, along with new gadgets items, including cameras. Users can manage gadgets right in the Control Center – just swipe up and press and the dedicated smart-home part. Thanks to 3D Touch, you can drag additional options and information for each device such as when receiving information from the camera at the doorbell, there will be an option to open the door if you see someone in need.

Apple intends Home App to centralize the management of smart home and serve as a fully functional command center for everything of HomeKit. This is a big change from previous versions of iOS when HomeKit has all but not seen, only exists as a small part of user settings.

A dedicated Home app will clean up the clutter of 3rd party HomeKit apps control . In addition, users can manage devices with their location, thanks to the support of geofencing – geographic fence. Thanks to it, users can activate the device anywhere the iPhone arrives or goes to a pre-determined area.

Apple also emphasized the role of existing HomeKit attractions and the number of equipment manufacturers that are entering the market. Although this number doesn't increase as fast as other smart home platforms , some core platforms like the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Amazon Echo speaker are smart. Both platforms work with third parties connected to home appliances, similar to HomeKit. Overall, Apple still has a lot of work to do, but making HomeKit easier to see and understand is a right step.

See details at Apple announcements at WWDC 2016 Keynote

ITZone via ADG Vietnam via CNET

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