New iPad Pro, iPhone SE 2, and more – these are products Apple will launch in 2020

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2019 was a strange year for Apple. Nearly all of the company’s usual hardware announcements come through press releases, and the company itself focuses heavily on services. Today, Apple is present in many markets, from television to credit cards, and in the rest of 2020, it is likely that it will return to more familiar products.

Apple probably doesn’t have any completely new services to launch this year, and the Apple Car is still a rumor. But in addition to services and cars, Apple also has a range of hardware and software products to update in the near future.


iPad Pro mới, iPhone SE 2, và nhiều thứ khác - đây là những sản phẩm Apple sẽ ra mắt trong năm 2020 - Ảnh 1.

One thing that is certain to happen is the iPhone 12 launch event in September. But there is information that Apple will retain one of the new iPhone models for the December event, or it could be early 2021 – no It’s because Apple wants to make consumers anxious to wait, but because it can’t produce iPhone models that support 5G mmWave.

As usual, Apple will announce three new iPhone models today: a low-cost model, a regular model, and a large screen model. But this year, Apple co-founder Ming-Chi Kuo predicted four new iPhone models.

He confirmed that all three models will launch later this year and will all support 5G.

Although Apple has not announced it will equip 5G for iPhones this year, that will almost certainly happen. Qualcomm has not yet acknowledged that, and every reliable source confirms this information. Apple may be a bit slow at the 5G party, but as we move into 2020, it seems that no company has truly achieved great success with this new type of high-speed network. That’s because 5G technology is still new, and having the best 5G phone in the world doesn’t make any sense if there’s no 5G network to use. The carriers are actively deploying 5G networks in many parts of the world, in many different forms, so perhaps Apple chose 2020 to launch 5G-enabled iPhones.

Apple Watch

iPad Pro mới, iPhone SE 2, và nhiều thứ khác - đây là những sản phẩm Apple sẽ ra mắt trong năm 2020 - Ảnh 2.

Kevin Lynch announces watchOS 6 at WWDC 2019

The Apple Watch Series 6 is likely to be introduced in September at the iPhone event, with faster speeds and improved water resistance. In recent Apple patents, there’s a patent in which the Digital Crown dial on the Apple Watch is replaced by a flat, small, touchable surface, and that certainly helps. Increasing the device’s water resistance – though, this is a feature that will take several years to actually be brought to the Apple Watch.

For now, it will be interesting to see if Apple brings any improvements to the always-on display feature with the Apple Watch Series 5. There have been many reports that this feature affects battery life, so improvements and upgrades will be very welcome.

Next is the Apple Watch App Store. The store was introduced in September 2019, and it’s a clear sign that Apple intends to turn the Watch into a completely independent device with the iPhone. It’s too early to say anything, but the Watch App Store doesn’t seem to really appeal to developers.

We may not have to wait until September to see a new Apple Watch. There are reports that Apple is planning to launch a Product (RED) version of the Apple Watch Series 5 in the near future.

New iPad Pro

This is a product that has received a lot of discussion from the online community. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, there will be a new iPad Pro, but it will not yet support 5G, at least this year. Kuo predicts a 5G iPad Pro will appear in 2021.

The 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models in 2020 will be very similar to the previous generation in terms of appearance, but inside, they will be equipped with more advanced antenna reception. In addition, Apple will also apply “LCP Soft Board” technology – a way to link components inside the device in a more flexible way.

Although the iPhone has always been available in September for years, the iPad Pro has no set release date. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro in 2015 was introduced in November, similar to the 2018 model. Meanwhile, the 2016 model appeared in March, while the 2017 model was June.

Late last year, Kuo predicted that the next iPad Pro would start production in the fourth quarter of 2019 or the first quarter of 2020.

Apple always knows how to choose when to launch it to get the most attention – it will never simultaneously launch a new iPhone and an Apple Car at the same event – but they also know how to choose a time. early points, because it is of no benefit to keep a product private when it is finished and produced. Therefore, it is speculated that the new iPad Pro will be launched in the first half of 2020.

A new cheap iPhone

A lot of information predicts that Apple will launch the iPhone SE 2 in the first half of 2020, although this possibility is uncertain, but consumers still have the right to hope when there has been a lot of repeated rumors. again in the last two years, and Kuo newsletters are usually quite reliable.

Like the decision to launch the iPod Touch, Apple knows the value of an iOS device in leading new customers into its ecosystem. The iPhone SE from 2016 still runs the latest version of iOS 13, but it’s also running out of time even though Apple is committed to supporting older devices. Remember that the iPhone 6 that was released a year earlier will no longer be updated.

In addition, there is a difference between running iOS 14 and the smooth running of iOS 14. It makes perfect sense to think that Apple will want a new device that can bring the best Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and Apple News + experience to those who can’t or don’t want to buy a regular iPhone.

MacBook Pro

iPad Pro mới, iPhone SE 2, và nhiều thứ khác - đây là những sản phẩm Apple sẽ ra mắt trong năm 2020 - Ảnh 3.

Craig Federighi talked about MacBook Pro at WWDC 2019

There will be at least one new MacBook Pro model updated in the near future. What will this model look like? Most likely – based on the information provided by Ming-Chi Kuo – will be the new version of the current 13-inch MacBook Pro.

If that’s the case, then the highlight of this new machine will be the new keyboard Apple introduced with the 16-inch MacBook Pro before.

It is also possible that the new model will go in the same direction as the 16-inch model replaces the 15-inch model. By reducing the bezel around the screen and slightly increasing the size of the chassis, Apple was able to fit the 16-inch screen into a shell that is almost identical to the previous 15-inch model.

Kuo said the new 13-inch model will be available in the first half of this year, and many other industry sources seem to agree.

Other new Macs

Apple currently has 4 Mac desktop models. Mac Pro is new, and there will be no updates for this product for at least the first half of this year. If so, it will most likely appear by the end of 2020.

Similarly, the iMac 5K was slightly updated in design in 2019, and its speed also increased significantly compared to expectations.

However, the Mac Mini has not been updated since October 2018 – and the iMac Pro is from 2017. Although there are no reliable rumors about either, the Mac Mini may be updated first. iMac Pro will also follow, because there are currently quite a lot of new Intel processors suitable for both.

However, Apple probably will not be too dependent on Intel processors in the near future. Evidence clearly shows that Apple will switch to ARM processors, and even Intel anticipates this.

Intel executives think Apple will switch to ARM this year, and Ming-Chi Kuo says the same thing.

Of course, Apple didn’t say anything about leaving Intel to switch to ARM, so we can’t know for sure what will happen, or whether that will actually happen or not in 2020.

Except we had a macOS Catalina update last year. This operating system requires applications to be 64-bit, causing a few problems and forcing some companies to leave the Mac platform. Apple may say that 64-bit applications are better than 32-bit, but their enforcing this is probably the first clear sign that there will be an ARM-based Mac, obviously 64-bit and not can run classic 32-bit code.

New Apple Tags and AirPower?

iPad Pro mới, iPhone SE 2, và nhiều thứ khác - đây là những sản phẩm Apple sẽ ra mắt trong năm 2020 - Ảnh 4.

We all know Apple is developing something that people call “Apple Tags”. This is a device that helps you keep track of your devices, and the idea is very similar to the existing Tile system on the market.

The proof of Apple Tags is present in the source code of iOS 13, so when it did not appear at the same time with this operating system update was a big surprise.

Even more surprising, Apple may continue with its idea of ​​making wireless chargers. After the AirPower charging dock – which can charge three devices at once – was canceled, Apple appears to be planning to launch a smaller version in the first half of 2020.

In 2019, we have new AirPods updates, but Apple doesn’t want to stop there. While it is unlikely that Apple will introduce a new AirPods model in 2020 when they themselves are unable to meet market demand, there will certainly be many new AirPods released in the future.

Other products

Besides hardware products, in 2020, Apple will also launch software updates.

Since Mac OS X Snow Leopard in 2009, Apple has regularly updated the Mac operating system in June and officially brings it to users around September or October each year. Similarly, the company periodically announces an iOS update in June and releases it for devices around September or October throughout the years since iOS 4 in 2010.

So anything can happen – but one thing for sure is that Apple will introduce macOS 10.16 (and its name) at WWDC in June. The company will then introduce iOS 14, and iPadOS 14, too.

There will be no new Mac Pro this year – the Mac everyone is looking forward to, even if very few people actually buy it.

Similarly, there will be no major updates to the Apple Card or Apple TV +.

But Apple still has to maintain profitability, and there are still many products that need to be renewed. So we’re pretty likely to see a new iPad Pro, new MacBook Pro, new Apple Watch, and new 5G iPhones.

The question now is what is Apple hiding for 2020?

Reference: AppleInsider

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