New choice for technology & music lovers – a device with integrated USB Interface from Yamaha

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Professional Livestream – Convenience For Newbies

We often know Yamaha with its famous motorcycle manufacturing technology, did you know that the Yamaha brand is actually derived from “instruments” with the founder being Mr. Yamaha Torakusu when he successfully repaired the organ. in Japan. Over the years, the Yamaha brand continues to invest in developing technology in the field of Audio and launch audio equipment for artistic creative activities from semi-professional to professional. In addition to products used On the big music stage, Yamaha also develops technology equipment for studio and livestream. Typically, the integrated device USB Interface Mixer AG brings users advanced technology such as: LOOPBACK, 1 TOUCH, D-PRE, … supports livestream and high-quality recording 24bit/192kHz.

Lựa chọn mới cho người yêu công nghệ & âm nhạc – thiết bị tích hợp USB Interface từ Yamaha - Ảnh 1.

Yamaha’s built-in USB Interface mixer – High quality livestream support

The AG Mixer with USB Interface is a product for young people who love music and technology, streamers, youtubers, content creators, or music producers just starting out thanks to its intuitive design, supporting users to manipulate. the easiest.

Experience Japanese audio technology – Livestream is more professional and convenient

Refined by a team of Japanese engineers, the product gives detailed sound quality, no noise. For young people who are passionate about music, AG is a great choice thanks to the integration of 2 features in 1 product, users can use AG as a soundcard to record, cover songs, livestream or as a music player. mixer to sing karaoke, perform on small stage

If the user wants to simultaneously play the guitar with his voice through the microphone, there is no need for complicated equipment, just press the LOOPBACK button available on the AG, you can stream all the desired sounds directly. such as (vocals, musical instruments, or background music from PC/Ipad/iPhone) to the livestream platform, creating a music with your own style.

Lựa chọn mới cho người yêu công nghệ & âm nhạc – thiết bị tích hợp USB Interface từ Yamaha - Ảnh 2.

AG’s LOOPBACK function – Fast professional Livestream

Add D-PRE technology – a pre-amp circuit developed by Yamaha, which filters out noise very well, delivering 24-bit/192 KHz high-resolution sound.

For those who love technology and want advanced tweaks, AG comes with AG DSP Controller software for you to freely study and refresh your cover with in-depth effects, or even the popular CUBASE AI software Sound from Steinberg for professional users. After editing DSP effects: Reverb, EQ/ COMP, etc. in Yamaha’s famous processor, users can save these parameters, and use them quickly through the 1-TOUCH function on the device. AG.

Lựa chọn mới cho người yêu công nghệ & âm nhạc – thiết bị tích hợp USB Interface từ Yamaha - Ảnh 3.

AG DSP Controller software and 1-TOUCH function in AG – Quickly add professional processor effects such as Reverb: EQ/COMP, AMP SIM, …

The EFFECT button adds Reverb, adding depth to the vocals and increasing the emotion of the track.

The COMP/EQ button increases the smoothness of the tone and automatically adjusts the appropriate volume level (whether the source is loud or low). If you accidentally sing too loud, turn the background music up too loud or there are screeching noises during the livestream, this function will automatically muffle the sound, not causing discomfort when the song reaches the listener’s ears.

Mixer AG06 is also equipped with an AMP SIM button that provides a warm tube amp sound, suitable for those who cover / livestream songs with guitar.

Multi-Source Combination – Comes with DAW Cubase AI software

Mixer AG is especially suitable for those who live stream singing with musical instruments, thanks to a variety of input ports, connecting to guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, etc. In addition, the product is also equipped with phantom power (+48V). allows you to use a variety of microphones.

Lựa chọn mới cho người yêu công nghệ & âm nhạc – thiết bị tích hợp USB Interface từ Yamaha - Ảnh 4.

With a price of only VND 4.2 million, users can immediately own a mixer with a versatile USB Interface integrated with genuine Cubase AI / Cubasis LE digital audio processing software, supporting mixing and mastering your recordings like a professional producer. This is a product combo that music lovers and technology enthusiasts cannot ignore.


Lựa chọn mới cho người yêu công nghệ & âm nhạc – thiết bị tích hợp USB Interface từ Yamaha - Ảnh 5.

AG003 price: 4,200,000 VND/piece (VAT included)

AG06 price: 5,300,000 VND/piece (VAT included)

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