Network lag, the 90-year-old man posted an ad in the big newspaper to complain to the CEO

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Given the importance of the Internet in people’s lives today, obviously, none of us want to use a slow transmission. However, when the network is slow, most of us just complain, or at most call the customer care switchboard to complain.

But with Aaron Epstein, an old man now 90 years old, and also a longtime subscriber of AT&T (USA) has chosen the daring way. Aaron posted an advertisement on the Wall Street Journal, one of the largest newspapers in the United States, to directly attack AT&T and its CEO, John Stankey.

Born in 1930 and beginning to use the telephone service of Pacific Bell (predecessor of AT&T) since 1960, Mr. Aaron Epstein is clearly one of the carrier’s oldest customers. However, the way AT&T “treats” Mr Aaron doesn’t seem to be worthy of customer loyalty.

Mạng lag, cụ ông 90 tuổi đăng quảng cáo lên báo lớn để phàn nàn với CEO - Ảnh 1.

The letter from Mr. Aaron Epstein to the AT&T CEO in the Wall Street Journal

Mr. Aaron said the network speed where he lives is North Hollywood, California, only … 3Mbps. In fact, this speed is only half, reaching 1.5Mbps. “This annoys me very much, especially when our families watch movies online. Sometimes it’s so smooth, but other times it’s so slow it can’t be used.”

It is known that the current Internet connection that Mr. Aaron is using is still based on old DSL technology, significantly slower than current fiber optic technology. Every month, he has to pay 110 USD (about 2.5 million) to AT&T to get the above Internet connection, accompanied by two phone lines.

In order to express his disappointment about the service quality, at the beginning of February, Mr. Aaron Epstein spent 1100 USD to advertise on the Wall Street Journal. The content of the ad that occupied a quarter of this page was a letter sent to AT&T CEO, Mr. John Stankey.

“Dear Mr. Stankey,

AT&T prides itself on being a leader in electronic communications. Unfortunately, for users in North Hollywood, Californina, AT&T brought a great disappointment.

A lot of our neighbors are art creators at major studios like Universal, Warner Brothers, Disney. We wanted the latest technology and chose AT&T to provide high speed internet service. Although AT&T advertises speeds of up to 100Mbps in other areas, here the maximum speed we can get is only 3Mbps.

AT&T rivals now have speeds of up to 200Mbps.

Why did AT&T, a leading telecom company, treat us so badly?

Best regards,

Aaron M. Epstein, an AT&T customer since 1960. “

As for AT&T, the company said it had contacted Mr. Aaron Epstein to solve the problems, but did not give a specific answer about the upgrade plan in the area where he lived. “We are continuously improving service quality. From 2017 to 2019, we have invested more than $ 3.1 billion in network infrastructure in the Los Angeles area,” said an AT&T representative .

Sharing with Motherboard , Mr. Aaron confirmed to have been contacted by many AT&T managers after the advertisement above. However, he did not expect too much.

“That’s what they’ve been telling me for the past five years , says Aaron, of AT & T’s “plain” promises to fix the speed problem.

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