Need to know: 3 ways to disinfect COVID-19 room masks with microwaves

Tram Ho

This simple disinfection method was guided by Dr. Doan Ngoc Hai, Director of Occupational Health and Environment, Ministry of Health, when sharing with the press about the solutions that the Institute is implementing to combat COVID-19. .

Dr. Doan Ngoc Hai shared, in disinfection treatment there are currently 4 common technologies: UV, ozone, heat, microwaves. We have also tested sterilizing masks based on these methods.

“For UV, it can only disinfect the mask surface but it is not effective for the middle layer. Meanwhile, ozone sterilization equipment is too cumbersome and complex. Finally, we focus on the method of using microwave waves because it is feasible and easiest to apply, ” said Dr. Hai

To sterilize masks, only need a microwave oven, the default capacity of the oven at 800W. This oven is exclusively used for sterilizing masks, not shared for heating food.

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With the way to sterilize masks with a microwave oven is very simple, but people need to follow the steps in accordance with the instructions

Accordingly, there are 3 steps to sterilize masks by microwave oven as follows:

Step 1: Use any disinfectant solution to spray on the mask, you can use ion saline, 0.9% physiological saline or other disinfectant solutions. This operation has the main purpose of moisturizing the mask, the disinfectant is an auxiliary

Step 2: Put the mask in the microwave so that the face is sprayed with antiseptic solution facing up, put the microwave in microwave mode (without turning on the grill feature) at 800W and rotate for 1 minute.

Step 3: After filming, wait for a while for the mask to cool down, remove the mask by holding the handle, and we have a clean mask, ensuring reuse.

Dr. Doan Ngoc Hai recommends that the parameters set for microwaves have been carefully studied by experiments. Therefore, people who apply this method need to follow exactly, to ensure the ability to disinfect, as well as for their own safety, absolutely not arbitrarily creative, adjust the time or capacity because may cause fire.

The recommended type of respirator for this disinfection method is a standard, disposable medical mask. With masks of unknown origin or special masks, the composition may contain materials that could cause a fire reaction when rotating in a microwave.

Therefore, it is best to apply only to the recommended masks. In addition, during disinfection should also watch out for timely treatment if problems occur.

According to Dr. Hai, masks after sterilization by the above have been evaluated and tested for absolute sterilization by the Institute. However, care should be taken to sterilize one’s own mask only, not to share it with other people’s masks. It is best to sterilize them one by one.

The Institute of Occupational Health and Environment has renovated a number of microwaves, to create specialized equipment for the purpose of disinfecting masks in hospitals or offices. To prevent users from adjusting the furnace parameters to the wrong recommendations, in these devices we have removed the knob to adjust the furnace capacity, only the time control knob at the specified levels.

Cần biết: 3 cách khử khuẩn khẩu trang phòng dịch COVID-19 bằng lò vi sóng - Ảnh 2.
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