NASA cooperates with SpaceX, making the most historic flight to bring the most “firsts” to the ISS International Space Station.

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For the first time ever, an international crew member was en route to the ISS International Space Station on the first commercial system to transport people into space. The Crew-1 mission takes off at 7:27 p.m. Monday morning, from the Kennedy Space Center. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket to carry airborne scientists Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Shannon Walker, along with Professor Soichi Noguchi from the JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

For the Space Exploration Technologies Group and founder Elon Musk, the flight will mark two centuries of efforts to bring cargo and people into the air.

NASA hợp tác với SpaceX, thực hiện chuyến bay lịch sử mang nhiều cái đầu tiên nhất lên Trạm Vũ trụ Quốc tế ISS - Ảnh 1.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket brings the Crew Dragon to the air, carrying the Crew-1 crew of four astronauts.

NASA is fulfilling its promises to Americans and international partners to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective missions to the ISS, based on the industry itself. America is made up, ”said NASA director Jim Bridenstine. ” This is an important mission for NASA, SpaceX and our associates at JAXA, we look forward to seeing this crew reach the station, working together for humanity “.

Crew Dragon ship, individually named Resilience – Kien Cuong, will automatically assemble into ISS station at 11am Tuesday, November 17, Vietnam time. NASA will live stream the assembly, opening of the station, and the welcome ceremony of a new crew to the unique orbital laboratory that humanity owns.

NASA hợp tác với SpaceX, thực hiện chuyến bay lịch sử mang nhiều cái đầu tiên nhất lên Trạm Vũ trụ Quốc tế ISS - Ảnh 2.

The figure shows the assembly of the Resilence train with the ISS station.

I can’t hide my pride in our accomplishments today, ” said Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX president and chief executive officer. “ Falcon 9 looks great. The Dragon is in a very nice orbit, and we will continue to receive more data as the ship moves .

The Crew-1 mission will be the first in a series of six flights of the Commercial Crew Program. Today’s event marks a series of “firsts”:

The first flight was certified by NASA to be qualified to put a crew into space.

The first multinational four-person crew on a US-made commercial cruise ship.

– For the first time, the total number of astronauts on the board increased from 6 to 7

– The first time the Federal Aviation Administration allows people to be in orbit.

NASA hợp tác với SpaceX, thực hiện chuyến bay lịch sử mang nhiều cái đầu tiên nhất lên Trạm Vũ trụ Quốc tế ISS - Ảnh 3.

The moment of seeing this launch is very special for NASA and the SpaceX team ,” said Steve Stitch, the Commercial Crew cruise director. ” We look forward to the time when the crew arrive at the station and continue important research work, and I would like to thank the team for its efforts to make the next generation of the space travel journey .”

I hope people realize that this is not just a launch, this event is bigger than that “, Michael Hopkins, mission commander named Crew-1 said on social media. ” Hopefully it will lay the foundation for the next steps of the plan to the Moon and set foot on Mars .”

During the flight, SpaceX piloted the ship from its center in Hawthorne, California, while the NASA team monitored the space station’s activity during flight. Four astronauts Hopkins, Glover, Walker and Noguchi will join the group of Commanders Sergey Ryzhikov and Flight Engineer Sergey Kid-Sverhkov from Russia’s Roscosmos Space Agency, on the station is also Flight Engineer Kate Rubins. NASA.

NASA hợp tác với SpaceX, thực hiện chuyến bay lịch sử mang nhiều cái đầu tiên nhất lên Trạm Vũ trụ Quốc tế ISS - Ảnh 4.

Group of 4 astronauts are on their way to the station.

It’s an honor to have a Japanese astronaut aboard the Dragon Crew-1, the first astronaut to mark an international cooperation milestone with the ISS program ,” JAXA Vice President Hiroshi Sasaki said. “ We hope you will continue to do more scientific research, for those who stay on Earth and for our future. I also want to thank the efforts of NASA and SpaceX, thanks to them for this achievement ”.

The newly-raised astronaut team will do research and maintenance of the space station for a period of 6 months, they will return in the spring of 2021. At NASA’s request, the Crew Dragon must be able to stay inside. continuous orbit for at least 210 days.

Crew Dragon carrying cargo ship weighs about 220 kg, including equipment for scientific and experimental performance. Examples of food physiology experiments, which study the effect of a nutritionally optimized meal on crew health; Besides, there is the Genes in Space-7 experiment, an experiment designed by students aimed at understanding the effects of space travel on brain function, to help scientists prepare for pilots. Future crew, up orbit and beyond.

Up to this point, the space station is still a stepping stone for NASA to make a breakthrough in its space exploration mission, including those related to both the Moon and Mars. For the past 20 years, humans have been living on the International Space Station making scientific breakthroughs not possible at Earth’s conditions. This is the first flight in the series of circulating astronauts on the station, we will also bring more quintessence of humanity on an endless journey of discovery.

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