MyTV Television: Users can install and register for use right on Smart TV

Tram Ho

Truyền hình MyTV: Người dùng có thể tự cài đặt và đăng ký sử dụng ngay trên Smart TV - Ảnh 1.

Most recently, the MyTV app continues to update the online prepaid payment utility, offering a 50% discount to customers who buy packages on Golden Day. No need for technical contact, no need for complex equipment and easy payment are the utilities of MyTV application for Smart TV to help customers immediately have television services and be assured to minimize contact season. With this application, customers can register and pay for the package completely online at home, helping the whole family entertain and study effectively during social holidays.

Manually installing and using the MyTV application is quite simple. Customers using VNPT Internet only need to download MyTV on Smart TV application store, set up and register for an account following the instructions on the screen. First-time customers register for a 1-month free trial. During the trial period, customers can select the Support section on the application to select the package and officially use it.

Truyền hình MyTV: Người dùng có thể tự cài đặt và đăng ký sử dụng ngay trên Smart TV - Ảnh 2.

MyTV currently offers 3 main packages including Standard, Advanced and VIP packages. Standard package includes 141 special channels inside and outside the country. Advanced and VIP packages have a higher number of channels with 178 channels, particularly the VIP package incorporates a Fim + movie package. All packages are free of charge, with thousands of movies, feature films and music content suitable for all family members. With IPTV technology, MyTV television also supports on-demand features, especially students learning via television can watch up to 72 hours.

To pay for services, customers can choose from 2 methods: Prepaid or Postpaid. In which, Prepayment integrated with online payment is evaluated to be more convenient for customers, especially in the period of avoiding epidemic, it is necessary to limit contact. After selecting the package and usage period, customers choose Pay via e-wallet to receive QR code, scan QR code with My VNPT or VNPT Pay wallet to complete payment.

Truyền hình MyTV: Người dùng có thể tự cài đặt và đăng ký sử dụng ngay trên Smart TV - Ảnh 3.

Encouraging customers to choose online utilities during the season, MyTV also offers prepayment, with immediate 12% discount on Standard and Advanced packages. Standard Package only has 40,000 VND / month and Advanced package only 55,000 VND / month. When registering packages for more than 6 months, 12 months customers will be given additional 1 month and 3 months of use respectively.

In particular, to support consumption for families during the epidemic season, MyTV promotes the 7th and Sunday Golden Days every week from April 11 to May 31, 2020, when purchasing the MyTV Standard and Advanced prepaid packages. In the long term, on Golden Day, customers will receive a 50% discount on the package price, only from VND 20,000 / month.

Details of newly updated features as well as a list of channels in each package are posted at . For advice and installation support, payment, contact the 18001166 switchboard.

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