MyTV Multiscreen – the perfect multi-screen feature on the rise of technology television

Tram Ho

With the desire to continuously improve service quality and increase many utilities for customers, VNPT Group has researched and provided multi-screen television service called MyTV Multiscreen.

MyTV Multiscreen - tính năng đa màn hình hoàn hảo thời truyền hình công nghệ lên ngôi - Ảnh 1.

Multi-screen television service MyTV Multiscreen of VNPT

With MyTV Multiscreen, whether sitting in front of the TV or anywhere, customers can access the MyTV service to watch their favorite shows. The smart devices that customers are using such as TVs, mobile phones or tablets are synchronized with content, helping customers to switch programs from one device to another during viewing and saving. review viewed history and favorites for easy tracking by customers. Not only on VNPT’s network infrastructure, from now on, customers using the Internet, Wifi, 3G / 4G / 5G networks of different carriers will be able to use the service.

Just need to be a customer of MyTV service and own mobile phones / tablets with iOS 9.0 or Android 4.2 or above to easily install and use the feature. MyTV Multiscreen to meet the needs of watching TV, entertainment anytime, anywhere on many devices and multi-network. Currently, customers can experience MyTV Multiscreen for free from April 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020.

Using a single account without incurring any additional costs, the MyTV Multiscreen multi-screen feature brings many new utilities to customers in the era of technology television. With this feature, MyTV television service promises to further expand its market share in the paid television market, bringing maximum satisfaction to customers across the country.

In parallel with the deployment of the MyTV Multiscreen feature, the MyTV service provides more features that many customers expect. That is Remote Control (Remote Controller), Service registration and direct payment on the MyTV application (also known as Selfcare). And customers can use voice to control MyTV service on Smart TV.

The remote control feature is integrated on the MyTV Net application running on smartphones of popular Android and iOS operating systems. Customers use mobile phones to control MyTV and MyTV Net services on SmartTV with smart support features such as virtual keyboard, voice control.

The registration and direct payment (Selfcare) feature allows customers to register and pay the package completely online at MyTV service right on SmartTV.

MyTV Multiscreen - tính năng đa màn hình hoàn hảo thời truyền hình công nghệ lên ngôi - Ảnh 2.

MyTV Multiscreen fully meets the needs of watching TV, entertainment anytime anywhere of the whole family

Encourage customers to choose online utilities during the season, MyTV offers preferential services for customers when signing up for services via Selfcare and online prepayment, 12% discount on Standard and Advanced packages. Standard package fee is 40,000 VND / month and Advanced package is 55,000 VND / month. When paying for packages with a term of more than 6 months, 12 months, customers are given 1 more month and 3 months of charge, especially, MyTV promotes the 7th and Sunday Golden Days from 11/4/2020 to 31st / 5/2020, customers register and pay online long-term prepayment on Golden Day is discounted 50% of the package, only from 20,000 VND / month.

To download the MyTV Multiscreen application, customers can install it on the Google Play app store / App Store or at:

To register and pay online, customers can follow the instructions at:

Refer to the information on the website: or direct (free) to the switchboard: 18001166 for support.

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