MVC Interview Questions

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MVC Model View Controller is an architectural pattern that separates an application into three main logical components: the model, the view, and therefore the controller. Each of those components is constructed to handle specific development aspects of an application.
MVC. Stands for Model View Controller. MVC is an application design model comprised of three interconnected parts. The MVC model or “pattern” is usually used for developing modern user interfaces. It provides the elemental pieces for designing a program for desktop or mobile, additionally as web applications.

Basics Of MVC Architecture

MVC (Model View Controller)may a design pattern or architecture which helps in developing the online application within the most effective way in comparison with the standard ASP NET Web Application.
The model layer represents the objects in our Application.
View Layer has all the HTML controls which define the UI of the appliance.

How Its work

MVC Model View Controller is employed to style and make interfaces and therefore the structure of an application. This pattern divides the appliance into three parts that are dependent and connected to every other.

Advantages of MVC ( Model View Controller )

The main advantages of the Model View Controller
Enables the complete control over the rendered HTML.
Provides clean separation of concerns SoC.
Enables Test Driven Development TDD.
Easy integration with JavaScript frameworks.
Following the planning of the stateless nature of the online.
RESTful URLs that enable SEO.
MVC platform supports the event of SEO friendly sites or web applications. Using this platform, it’s very easy to develop SEO-friendly URLs to get more visits from a particular application. This development architecture is usually utilized in the Test-Driven Development applications.

MVC Interview Questions

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