Mr. YouTuber did an aerodynamic test for the Cybertruck: it turned out that this “4-wheel brick” tore the wind away more easily than you thought!

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Anh YouTuber làm bài thử khí động lực học cho xe Cybertruck: hóa ra cục gạch 4 bánh này xé gió vút đi dễ dàng hơn bạn tưởng! - Ảnh 1.

When Elon Musk presented Cybertruck on stage, we were overwhelmed by its unusual but powerful appearance: the protruding folds of the exoskeleton – the exoskeleton made of stainless steel that made Cybertruck look like Batman's tank ( Nolan version). Elon Musk added that its appearance is not only for viewing purposes, but also for practical purposes.

It seems that Musk is not just talking about the tough stainless steel layer used in the production of the Starship cruise ship, he also refers to the aerodynamic element of the vehicle in general.

The faster a car runs, the more effort it will take against the resistance of the air. In general, the lower the drag coefficient, the easier it will be for the vehicle to literally tear the wind away, and obviously the car's performance will be higher. Many people worry that a rough, angular appearance will turn Cybertruck into a 4-wheel brick, but it turns out not.

YouTube Boats and Engines – Boats and Engines tested Cybertruck's design, to see how the air resistance of the car was. By simulating the dynamics of the solution – in simple words, it is similar to the actual test car wind tunnel – we have the following test:

Aerodynamic test simulation of Cybertruck vehicles.

Mr. YouTuber pointed out that the top of the Cybertruck pulled the car up a bit, but overall, the car design has a low wind resistance coefficient. It turned out that the flat head of the car tore the wind very well, navigating the air flow along the body. The trunk cover does not affect the gliding ability of the Cybertruck.

Not long ago, aerospace engineer Justin Martin also repainted Cybertruck's ability to surf in the wind, and also produced the same result: the top of the car blocked the wind a bit, but overall, Cybertruck will operate stably.

Anh YouTuber làm bài thử khí động lực học cho xe Cybertruck: hóa ra cục gạch 4 bánh này xé gió vút đi dễ dàng hơn bạn tưởng! - Ảnh 3.

YouTuber Boats and Engines also admitted that their aerodynamic simulation software was not exactly accurate, but what he did was enough to prove Cybertruck's angular design did not make the car inefficient.

When comparing Cybertruck with two real-time pickup trucks, Ford F130 and Dodge Ram 1500, we see a clear plus point: Cybertruck gains 0.39 points of wind resistance when running at speed. 100 km / h, while the F150 only reaches 0.59 points, while Ram 1500 reaches 0.56 points.

These figures are measured by YouTuber, which is different from the official figure that the company makes: according to Dodge, the Ram 1500 model of Quad Cab 4×2 has a wind resistance coefficient of 0.36, making it a surfing pickup. quietest wind on the market today.

Equally, Musk also said a few words about the car's drag coefficient (though this is not officially announced from Tesla): “ With more efforts, Cybertruck can reach a wind resistance coefficient of 0.3, It's crazy to think this is a pickup indicator . ” Comparison document: Tesla Model 3's wind resistance coefficient, one of the current market's tearing car models, is 0.23.

Anh YouTuber làm bài thử khí động lực học cho xe Cybertruck: hóa ra cục gạch 4 bánh này xé gió vút đi dễ dàng hơn bạn tưởng! - Ảnh 4.

“With much more effort, Cybertruck can achieve a coefficient of wind resistance of 0.3, it's crazy to think this is the index of a pickup. It will need to edit a lot of small details ".

Must confirm again: there is no official model, the number from the manufacturer as well as the actual test, the conjecture above only stops at the reference level. In addition, Tesla will have to change the appearance of the Cybertruck to please the existing car laws : the car is not too angular, lest the injury from collisions with road users is more severe. Also worth noting is that the car does not have a rearview mirror, maybe the wind resistance coefficient will be different when Cybertruck "grows" more ears (which acts as eyes).

However, those reference numbers seem to be enough to confirm that the "square block" Cybertruck will be able to tear the wind away, leaving behind the talk of the people.

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ