Mr. Truong Gia Binh: Covid-19 will not steal jobs of any of 36,000 FPT people, that’s my oath!

Tram Ho

While thousands of businesses fell into a state of “hibernation”, even bankruptcy; tens of thousands of workers fell into unemployment, at FPT – a group of 36,000 employees, Chairman Truong Gia Binh strongly asserted that “no one will lose their jobs”.

“Covid-19 did not rob anyone of 36,000 people from FPT. It is my heartfelt word and vow,” Mr. Binh reaffirmed at the online conference of the Vietnam Digital Agriculture Association. (VIDA) held on April 2, after announcing the same in a letter to the recent FPT people.

Ông Trương Gia Bình: Covid-19 sẽ không cướp được việc làm của bất kỳ ai trong 36.000 người FPT, đó là lời thề của tôi! - Ảnh 1.

He explained that the rationale for this claim comes from the fact that Vietnam is doing a very good job of preventing and fighting Covid-19, while the two largest software export centers in the world, India and China, are currently Have trouble.

“India does not handle the translation well, and China is known as the” Covid brand. “At this time I rushed in. I only need a small piece of their pie to feed my good brothers. if the system is not capable of combating epidemics, it will have a chance “.

Ông Trương Gia Bình: Covid-19 sẽ không cướp được việc làm của bất kỳ ai trong 36.000 người FPT, đó là lời thề của tôi! - Ảnh 2.

FPT Chairman said that in the current disease situation, his partners are making specific plans for each different scenario.

Plan A is to maintain business relationships with former partners, but this plan is likely to be canceled due to the disease situation.

Therefore, they will move to plan B to choose to cooperate with businesses that have the ability to meet stability, timely delivery, quality …

Thanks to Vietnam’s good implementation of disease control, software companies such as FPT are also guaranteed to avoid social problems. As a result, when FPT presented to its partners the ability to meet requirements under Plan B, even when the demand suddenly increased, FPT was warmly welcomed by its partners.

In addition, the exchange and meeting with global partners during the epidemic season should not be a problem as FPT has allowed all employees to switch to working from home with the support of technology.

That is an opportunity in FPT’s core business. In the agricultural sector, where Mr. Binh currently holds the position of Chairman of the Vietnam Digital Agriculture Association, he affirmed that this is also an important opportunity to seize, especially when consumers are tending to shift away from foreign goods. to furniture, from imported to home-made furniture.

“In the past, many Vietnamese consumers were quite fond of imported goods, but now due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on the logistics and production activities of businesses in the world, the needs of consumers all switched to domestic items. I guess we will have about 9-12 months to take advantage of this opportunity. ”

“In the war against Covid-19, the most important factor was the commander, who had to predict the situation, a person worried by the warehouse of workers, had to work fast, drastically because slow was dead. fast to eat fish slowly. Hopefully when rivals are panicking, our team is ready, with generals, troops, to rush to fight, “Mr. Binh acknowledged.

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