“Mr” Ming-Chi Kuo: iPhone 14 will have a 48MP camera

Tram Ho

According to “companion” Ming-Chi Kuo, who specializes in accurate predictions about Apple’s product lines, the iPhone 14 series launched next year will be equipped with a 48MP camera. If this information is authentic, that means that Apple will officially “join” the high-resolution camera smartphone segment until 2022.

Camera is the main marketing element that Apple focuses on each generation of iPhone. Recent generations of iPhones are advertised by Apple with outstanding capabilities such as low-light shooting, cinematic video recording, intelligent AI features… but resolution has never been an advantage of iPhone because since From the iPhone 6s series, the main camera on the iPhone has always had a resolution of 12MP until now, and Apple never mentioned the resolution of the device.


"Ông đồng" Ming-Chi Kuo: iPhone 14 sẽ có camera 48MP - Ảnh 1.

However, with the “companion” Ming-Chi Kuo predicting that the iPhone 14 will have a 48MP camera, this shows that Apple has officially recognized the resolution defect on the iPhone. Although 12MP is basically enough for basic user tasks, for printing or enlarging photos, 12MP is not an ideal resolution. And if Apple wants to improve the iPhone’s camera even further, upgrading the resolution is a must.

Previously, it was also reported that in 2022, the iPhone will have a 1/1.3-inch main sensor, along with the ability to support 8K video recording, which 12MP resolution certainly cannot do.

Of course, like Android smartphones, if you just take a normal photo, iPhone with 48MP camera will automatically use pixel interpolation algorithm, combine 4 pixels into 1 and create a photo with higher quality. . This algorithm is especially useful when taking pictures in low light conditions.

Currently, in addition to the iPhone, Sony and the high-end Xperia line all have 12MP cameras, it is unclear when Sony’s Xperia lines will be equipped with high-resolution cameras.

Besides, “companion” Ming-Chi Kuo also predicts that the iPhone 15 launched in 2023 will have a periscope camera with a high zoom factor (at least 5X). Cameras with periscope lenses are often equipped by many Android manufacturers when they want smartphones to have the furthest zoom. Currently, high-end Android smartphones are capable of up to 10X optical zoom and up to 120X hybrid zoom.

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