Mr. Kuo: The foldable iPhone with an 8-inch screen will be released in 2023?

Tram Ho

According to well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will launch its first foldable iPhone in 2023. This machine is expected to use a flexible OLED screen with a size of 8 inches.

Ông đồng Kuo: iPhone màn hình gập với màn hình 8 inch sẽ ra mắt vào năm 2023? - Ảnh 1.

In addition, Apple will choose Samsung Display as the exclusive display supplier for the new iPhone generation, and Samsung Foundry will be the exclusive DDI molding machine supplier.

Kuo also made some predictions about the foldable iPhone, including QHD + resolution and the use of TPK’s Silver Nanowire touch screen technology for better elasticity and anti-wrinkles and cracks. Y-Octa by Samsung Display.

Meanwhile, according to Jon Prosser, a leaker specializing in sharing leaked information, Apple may prefer to use the clamshell design like the Galaxy Z Flip instead of the design switching from popular phones to tablets. The current. This design is supposed to be less expensive and is more color-customizable. Prosser also revealed that the foldable iPhone could be released in September 2022.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also forecasts that Apple can ship about 15-20 million foldable iPhones by 2023 and promises to create a new buzz for Apple.

Notably, Kuo also envisions a new scenario when folding screen devices blurs the gap between smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The one question, however, is what will happen to the iPad mini line if Apple launches an 8-inch foldable iPhone. Because a device can transform and be opened up to 8 inches in size, which is equal to the iPad mini will definitely make users much more interested, thereby causing the sales of the iPad mini to drop seriously.

However, the folding screen smartphone segment is not really active at the moment. If Apple launches a foldable device in 2023, it would be a bold move, but if the foldable device market continues to grow, no one knows how far Apple can go.

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