Mr. John Kerry: ‘Vietnam will attract more multinational businesses when converting to clean energy’

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Ông John Kerry: 'Việt Nam sẽ thu hút thêm nhiều doanh nghiệp đa quốc gia khi chuyển đổi sang năng lượng sạch' - Ảnh 1.

Mr. John Kerry – Photo: Viet Linh

The US government’s special envoy for climate change issues, John Kerry, said that although coal power is low cost, it is actually extremely expensive because of its bad impact on the environment.

In a small-scale press interview on September 5 in Hanoi, the US Government’s special envoy on climate change issues – Mr. John Kerry made comments on the situation of climate change. as well as the energy transition in Vietnam.

According to Mr. John Kerry, it is not difficult to realize that climate change is having a significant impact on the lives of Vietnamese people.

“When I walked along the Saigon River in Ho Chi Minh City and visited Ben Tre, combined with expert knowledge we learned that these areas are affected by sea level rise, people’s lives are affected. Currently, we are also working very hard to do the so-called climate change adaptation. We think about how to improve adaptation to climate change, adapting the supply chain, this is really a big problem in Ben Tre province,” Mr. Kerry shared.

Looking back on the development of clean energy sources in Vietnam, Mr. Kerry analyzed that Vietnam has had success in creating good conditions for many renewable power plants to develop, but Vietnam needs to take more into account. build an efficient power distribution system in order to avoid the situation where electricity is produced but not delivered to where it is needed, causing waste and inefficiency.

“There are many wind power plants to provide renewable energy for Vietnam in Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, and Ben Tre, but it has not been fully utilized because Vietnam does not have good transmission systems.” , Mr. Kerry said.

Ông John Kerry: 'Việt Nam sẽ thu hút thêm nhiều doanh nghiệp đa quốc gia khi chuyển đổi sang năng lượng sạch' - Ảnh 2.

US Government special envoy on climate change issues – Mr. John Kerry in a small-scale press interview on September 5 in Hanoi

Also according to the US Government’s special envoy on climate change issues, Vietnam needs to gradually reduce coal power to clean energy sources. At the same time, it is necessary to provide enough electricity for traffic.

Mr. Kerry said that from the story in Ben Tre and the above provinces, there will be negative impacts if Vietnam does not quickly make the transition to clean energy.

Mr. Kerry said the US side tries to support Vietnam in many different ways. If Vietnam commits to net zero emissions at COP26, the current electricity supply system is not enough to meet this goal, the US side will try to support Vietnam in taking these steps to help Vietnam can actualize the stated goal.

Mr. Kerry shared that the US delegation will have meetings with the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to discuss the implementation of new technologies for the energy transition. Vietnam mobilizes international financial resources, accelerates the energy transition. The United States and Vietnam have enjoyed a very strong partnership over the past 10 years and want to strengthen it into a strategic partnership.

In the face of concerns about the transition to clean energy, which increases business costs, affecting the attractiveness of the investment environment for foreign investors, Mr. Kerry believes that when the When competition increases, cost is no longer an issue.

“We need to have more wind and solar power and gradually the cost will come down. Wind power and solar power will certainly be lower in the future than coal power. Coal is a cheap fossil fuel, but it is actually very expensive because coal has many negative effects, making oceans more acidic, causing greenhouse gas emissions, acid rain, whitening coral reefs, etc. affect the environment in reservoir areas. Maybe in Vietnam we have not paid enough attention to this impact, but in many other countries, other countries have paid attention to the above issue.

Mr. Kerry gave an example in Germany, Germans use wind power, solar power at factories of large enterprises is very common, the usage rate is up to 80%, so they will not need electricity from other sources. coal-fired power plants in the future. They will only return to coal power if there is a problem with renewable power plants. Coal power projects should not be permanent and there should be a timeframe for energy transition and coal power plants should not last beyond this time. Nuclear power can also be a consideration in developing

According to Mr. Kerry, the development of renewable energy infrastructure should not come with a monopoly, competition helps bring better efficiency: “We should not have a monopoly, but we need to encourage competition in provided. Vietnam Airlines or Vietjet together provide aviation services, Vietjet’s development has helped Vietnam Airlines improve better and thus consumers benefit.”

Mr. Kerry said the world is facing the global climate crisis, the way we power our cars, the fuel for our homes, need to come up with a cleaner and different source of energy. Mr. Kerry said that he himself currently rides an electric car, which is highly reliable, very quiet and good for the environment.

The former US secretary of state said that the energy transition is not a “one-time, one-way” story. “The energy transition will take several generations to build and do things differently. We need to consider and calculate based on the research of scientists, so it is necessary to quickly change the source of raw materials, reduce emissions, these are big items that need to be done immediately. Ford and General Motos are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on electric vehicles. In Europe and the US, internal combustion cars usually have a shelf life of 10-12 years, after which it will need to switch to electric vehicles. Over the decades, by 2050, we will strive to achieve net zero emissions,” he said.

Mr. Kerry expressed the view that Vietnam needs transparency in legal and regulatory matters to minimize procedures because many businesses are willing to come and invest. When investing, investors need to know the route with their money. Transparency, legal, regulatory, accountability and accelerated decision-making.

Also according to Mr. Kerry, when there is clean energy that will attract more investment, many large multinationals like Amazon or Samsung, they have committed on a global level to combat climate change so they Looking for clean energy, without forced labor or bad practices, FDI pours heavily into markets with clean energy supplies. They need government support to open up new energy sources.

According to Jack Levine, climate director of the US International Finance Corporation (DFC), Vietnam will need international capital to develop a clean energy transition system. He said that DFC’s efforts to promote international finance to develop clean energy projects, develop energy storage batteries.

Mr. Levine said that the delegation had worked with Ho Chi Minh City and realized that the city was willing to implement the goals of preventing climate change, but needed flexible and low-cost capital sources. Mr. Levine also said that it is extremely important to work with the private sector to realize climate change goals.

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