Mr. Biden promised to spend $ 20 billion to replace all 650,000 government cars with electric cars: Explosive opportunity for Elon Musk!

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US President Joe Biden yesterday made a pledge to replace all 650,000 fleets of government vehicles with electric vehicles in order to focus on clean energy.

The federal government has a huge fleet of vehicles and they will be replaced by electric cars made in the US, by the Americans, ” Biden said.

Mr. Biden has criticized the current rules, vehicles are considered US when purchased by the government, but the important components on the car, not made by the US.

Biden said he would address these “loopholes” by allowing critical components such as engines, steel and glass to be manufactured in the US.

 Ông Biden hứa chi 20 tỷ USD thay thế toàn bộ 650.000 xe của chính phủ bằng xe điện: Cơ hội bùng nổ dành cho Elon Musk! - Ảnh 1.

The White House has not responded to a question about the time when Mr. Biden plans to replace the current fleet. However, the cost for this plan can be up to 20 billion USD or more.

Mr. Biden’s “Buy America” ​​ordinance signed on Monday does not directly mention that they will buy electric cars.

In 2019, the US government owns 645,000 cars, travels 4.5 million miles and consumes 375 million liters of gasoline and diesel. The US government has set aside $ 4.4 billion on federal car costs in 2019.

Among US government vehicles, only 3,215 are electric vehicles as of June 2020.

During his campaign, Mr. Biden pledged to switch to clean energy vehicles and create 1 million new jobs for the ” US auto industry, domestic auto supply chain, facility. car manufacturing infrastructure, from components to raw accessories to charging stations “.

Biden also claims to assist new consumers in replacing old, inefficient cars with new electric vehicles and to assist the construction plant in assembling electric vehicles and related components.

The move above is said to be very beneficial to the US electric car manufacturers such as Tesla, or General Motors, Rivian and Lucid. In it, the name most likely to be chosen is perhaps Elon Musk’s Tesla. 56,000 new Tesla cars were registered this year in 23 US states, including California, Florida, New York and Texas. Total sales in the 50 states of Tesla could exceed 70,000 units. Globally, the company sold about 180,000 vehicles in the first six months of 2020.

Meanwhile, other companies that have launched their own electric cars have not received any attention or made a big impact on the market.

The Tesla superiority can be partly explained by its pioneering beginnings. Tesla has sold a significant number of electric cars since 2012. Tesla has long introduced new technologies, while others are only trying to catch up, such as software updates or online bug fixes. wire, help the owner without the dealer

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