Moto 360, Moto X+1 may finally appear September 4

Diem Do

The Moto 360 and Moto X+1  have been dominating leaks and rumors recently. The speculation may finally come to an end September 4 as the company is holding an event in Chicago to announce new devices.


An email invite sent to the press declares, “Every choice is a new adventure” and links to an animated site displaying phone, watch, and Bluetooth headset icons. Each phone has a giant letter on the front—one is X and one is G, indicating we will likely see the successor to the Moto X and Moto G at the event.


moto invite animated

The watch is likely a reference to the Moto 360, which has been anticipated since its demo at Google I/O. The Moto 360 dominated the discussion Wednesday during an Android Twitter #AskAndroid session. Much of the time was spent deflecting questions about when the Moto 360 would be available.


Google promised I/O attendees that they would receive the Moto 360 when it is released, and has just begun sending out emails asking for shipping addresses. The mail mentions sending the devices “after it launches later this summer,” so they’re not on the way just yet. Google is just collecting shipping information to expedite the process.


Be sure to check Greenbot on September 4th for coverage from Motorola’s event. 

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