More than 90,000 registered to manufacture ventilators of the US corporation, only Vingroup, Foxconn and a Canadian company were chosen.

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In a statement released April 8, Medtronic, a US-based medical device maker based in Dublin Ireland, is one of the world’s largest medical technology, service and technology companies. The company has selected three large-scale manufacturers to increase the company’s production of PB560 ventilators globally, Baylis Medical Company, Inc. In Ontario, Canada, Foxconn Technology Group and Vingroup of Vietnam.

Hơn 90.000 đăng ký xin sản xuất máy thở của tập đoàn Mỹ, chỉ có Vingroup, Foxconn và một công ty Canada được chọn - Ảnh 1.

Notice of Medtronic

These three representatives have won more than 90,000 registrations for mass production of Medtronic PB560 ventilator models. By the end of March 2020, Medtronic had publicly shared design specifications for the PB560 ventilator model to allow other manufacturers around the world to join hands to produce large-scale ventilators to help Doctors and patients dealing with Covid-19.

Medtronic says the Puritan Bennett ™ 560 (PB560) ventilator will soon be available in the United States. The company has received authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to manufacture PB560 ventilator models in the country. This FDA decision allows Medtronic to provide models of ventilators with other improvements to help doctors and patients treat Covid-19. The company expects the PB560 model to be available in the US in May this year. The PB560 ventilator was launched in 2010 and sold in 35 countries around the world. The PB560 is a compact, lightweight and can be used at home, the average price of the PB560 is less than $ 10,000, much lower than the intubated ventilator ($ 35-40 thousand).

Hơn 90.000 đăng ký xin sản xuất máy thở của tập đoàn Mỹ, chỉ có Vingroup, Foxconn và một công ty Canada được chọn - Ảnh 2.

CNN also identified Vingroup and Alibaba as the two corporations contributing most in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic in Asia.

Medtronic is producing 4 types of ventilators and currently supplies 300 ventilators per week to customers in the most endangered, highest-demand locations worldwide. By the end of May, the company plans to produce more than 700 ventilators per week and the company is aiming to produce 1,000 ventilators per week by the end of June, five times the volume before the outbreak. Medtronic is expected to produce more than 25,000 ventilators in the next 6 months, but this is not enough for the whole world and that’s why the company decided to share the open source initiative PB840 ventilator model for Vingroup, Foxconn and Canadian company.

Why can Vingroup mass produce ventilators at Vinfast factory?

Vingroup immediately after signing a contract with Medtronic to use the design for the PB560 invasive ventilator, and also began to study non-invasive ventilators based on the design of MIT University (USA). ) share to the community.

It is expected that with the capacity of VinFast and VinSmart plants, Vingroup can produce up to 45,000 non-invasive ventilators and 10,000 intrusion ventilators per month.

Compared with Medtronic production figures, Vingroup’s output is many times larger, so the cost may be reduced. What is the answer here?

According to the author’s understanding, Medtronic PB560 ventilator is an invasive ventilator (not a ventilator that is simply a mask placed on the nose pushing oxygen squeeze). Intravenous breathing apparatus is used for patients who cannot breathe, weak breaths must be breathed through the endotracheal tube and the device will control the patient’s breathing activity.

Vingroup said that due to the advantage of components from car and phone supply bananas, with existing relationships, global partners are ready to support Vingroup in terms of components. In the design direction, Vingroup will solve with technical solutions to be able to use common components without changing the features of the machine. Vingroup said it would buy the best types (valves, sensors, engines, etc.). Due to its experience in the medical field and high-tech scientists, Vingroup has many human factors to ensure the success of the mass production of ventilators.

Recently, a Vietnamese company, BKAV, also announced manufacturing of PB560 ventilator.

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