More countries ban Huawei from 5G mobile networks

Tram Ho

At the end of last week, the Portuguese government decided to prevent the participation of some agents in the mentioned network infrastructure. More specifically, at the will of the government, Huawei and other companies based in China will be excluded from the bidding list to build a 5G mobile network in Portugal. There are also other entities based outside of NATO.
Thêm quốc gia cấm Huawei tham gia mạng di động 5G - Ảnh 1.

Likewise, companies based outside the OECD will also be deprived of the right to participate and access the construction of 5G mobile networks in Portugal. This comes after several years of government cooperation with Huawei.

The decision was made by Portugal’s Office of National Security (GNS). The agency considers companies based outside of NATO and OECD member states a “major risk” to national security. In other words, non-European entities like ZTE will also be excluded from the 5G mobile network in Portugal, not just Huawei.

In response, a Huawei spokesman said the company had no prior knowledge of the matter. In fact, the spokesman pointed out that he was not heard or questioned by the national authorities. It is important to remember that over the past two decades, Huawei has worked with a number of telecom operators in Portugal. In fact, the company has become one of the Portuguese’s favorite brands over the past decade thanks to the quality/price of its Android smartphones and its photography capabilities.

However, the restriction now lifted by the Portuguese government is in line with the Western bloc of nations against Chinese companies. Before that there were the names of the US, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Finally, it should be noted that in 2020, the three major carriers in Portugal have expressed their intention not to use Huawei equipment in their 5G networks.

In short, everything points to a major roadblock for Huawei and other Chinese companies in everything related to fifth-generation mobile networks. This also deals a blow to Huawei’s ambitions in Europe.

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