Mobile World launches a new chain: Specializing in high-end fashion retail called Topzone?

Tram Ho

According to a source we received, The Gioi Di Dong is about to launch a new brand called Topzone, but it is not clear what industry this chain will operate in. If you look at the current business lines plus the movements surrounding the launch of Topzone, it seems that this group wants to break into the fashion industry.

Thế Giới Di Động ra mắt chuỗi mới: Chuyên bán lẻ thời trang cao cấp có tên Topzone? - Ảnh 1.

Topzone – a new member of Mobile World Group.

Recently, a website called Topzone appeared online – introduced as a new member of Mobile World Group. On the layout of appeared 2 information: mini game with a chance to win 1 new iPhone and 1 iPad; At 8 pm on October 16, 2021, the CEO will officially announce the launch of the series, and announce the results and mini-game prizes. The CEO picture is Mr. Doan Van Hieu Em – CEO of Dien May Xanh chain and Mobile World.

Thế Giới Di Động ra mắt chuỗi mới: Chuyên bán lẻ thời trang cao cấp có tên Topzone? - Ảnh 2.

Mini games on

When clicking to play the mini game, the screen will show 5 options: new chain in foreign markets; chain of high-end fashion stores; high-end technology store chain; chain of brand shops Samsung; chain store brand Oppo.

Based on the current Covid-19 situation – it is very difficult to scale-up abroad, and the business strategy of Mobile World in the last few years, plus the Topzone name is displayed in 4 colors and the mini-game banner directly to women – when referring to symbols like the ‘pregnancy test’ and childbirth; many people can guess that: the ‘youngest brother’ will be a chain of high-end fashion stores.

Thế Giới Di Động ra mắt chuỗi mới: Chuyên bán lẻ thời trang cao cấp có tên Topzone? - Ảnh 3.

Banner promoting Topzone’s mini game.

In order to best prepare for the birth of a new ‘child’, the aforementioned mini game is not only promoted by Mobile World Group online but also offline, when they have just hung up 10 billboards about this mini game. in public areas in 2 big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with more than 20 shops of Dien May Xanh or Bach Hoa Xanh nationwide.

Currently, this Group has 5 brands: The Gioi Di Dong specializes in technology sales, Dien May Xanh sells electronics – electronics, Bach Hoa Xanh is a supermarket chain, and Bluetronics retails consumer electronics in Vietnam. Foreigners – mainly Cambodia, An Khang is a chain of drugstores.

Although, An Khang was bought by Mobile World at the latest, but it seems that this Group does not intend to enter deeply into the pharmaceutical segment – ​​when it is allowed to develop the chain independently. With the fact that they “lay” another Topzone chain, it seems that they still want to continue to focus on the strong consumer segment, rather than going through a different segment like pharmaceuticals.

According to our sources, Mobile World will launch TopZone next week. We are contacting Mobile World for clarification regarding this information.

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