MobiFone compensates after network problems: Giving for free by giving

Tram Ho

On January 7, after receiving “compensation” from MobiFone network operator, many subscribers in Ho Chi Minh City expressed their dissatisfaction and said that it was “not commensurate” with the damage they suffered due to the incident. happened on the afternoon of 4-1.

According to MobiFone’s announcement, they “compensated” for subscribers in Ho Chi Minh City who were affected by the network incident that occurred on the afternoon of January 4 with a package including 4GB of data, 10 minutes of internet calls, and 20 minutes of internal calls. network. However, the usage time is only for 24 hours.

Sharing with Tuoi Tre Online , Ms. Tang Khanh said: “The compensation is like a give-and-take, has no specific meaning to customers”. According to Ms. Khanh, users have to “use a lot of storage, then 4GB/day will run out. While I’ve bought the storage for a whole month, now they give me an extra 4GB/day, basically for nothing, I don’t know, where to use it”.

Many subscribers think that the time to use the “compensation” package within 24 hours is too short. They almost did not have time to do anything, the time limit for “compensation” expired. While comparing the correlation with the damage caused by the loss of 4-1 dimensional waves (no communication, texting causes many negative effects at work) is not worth it.

“MobiFone should have extended the use time of the compensation package to make the recipient feel more comfortable than forcing them to use it for only 24 hours,” commented Mr. Thanh Hoang (Phu Nhuan district).

Compared to the last incident (October 10-2021), media expert Dy Khoa said:

“MobiFone has had a more methodical response to the crisis. However, this handling is still not really smooth and coordinated. For example, when many subscribers have problems, the operator still encourages customers. The customer checks the SIM, mobile device, but does not record it to fix network errors.

This makes subscribers very uncomfortable, many people plan to replace the SIM because they think the SIM is damaged. The user-blaming approach has lost the market share that any service business should have available.”

According to many experts, although the remarkable point of MobiFone in this incident is the timely announcement of the problem and apology. Along with that, MobiFone has apologized directly by text message to affected subscribers and offered some incentives.

However, “giving is not equal to giving. This form of gift giving is like an imposition. This key creates the next discomfort for users. Currently, MobiFone offers a number of data packages, calls almost all of them. If the month is not used up, the extra 4GB won’t make sense.

The 24-hour limited usage time is also a stressor in the minds of consumers. They are almost in a weak position. What the supplier tells you. If there is more goodwill, MobiFone should design flexible gifts for each subscriber, the form of fee reduction should also be considered,” commented Mr. Dy Khoa.

Ms. Ngoc Tram, a communications officer, commented: “On the evening of the incident, the office staff was almost done, they can use the desk phone or contact via online chat tools.

But I find shippers are the hardest hit because they can’t connect to the application, can’t contact customers, and delivery and passenger work is almost “clinically dead”. I think MobiFone should have more compensation benefits for this group of people.”

“As a customer of MobiFone for more than 15 years, I hope that the operator will improve the quality and do not let the same problem happen because the recent incident has greatly affected my work and millions of people. other MobiFone subscribers,” added Ms. Tram.

According to Tuoi Tre Online , the “compensation” package is being deployed by MobiFone plus for subscribers in Ho Chi Minh City. Due to the large number of subscribers, this operator divided into small groups and deployed “compensation” until January 11. This package will not automatically renew after the end of the usage period (24 hours since the customer receives the notice).

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