Mistakes users need to avoid when charging phone batteries

Tram Ho

Using unknown chargers for smartphones is one of the common mistakes that users often make. Notably, this situation occurs more and more after some manufacturers, including Apple, cut the charger from the box of the product when it is sold on the market.

According to experts, floating chargers can overheat the device, affecting the life of the device, and in some cases even causing an explosion. Therefore, experts recommend, users should only choose chargers from reputable manufacturers or brands.

Use the battery completely or fully charge it to 100% often

Many users have the habit of only plugging in the charger when the device displays a message that the battery capacity is below 20%. Meanwhile, some others always charge the battery to 100%. Experts say that both of these cases are not good for the battery life on smartphones.

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According to experts, batteries on smartphones will work most efficiently when their capacity is in the range of 20 – 90%. In fact, there is a lag situation on many smartphone models when the battery capacity is low.

Experts recommend that users should not charge the device overnight or turn on the slow charging feature if the device supports it.

Use your phone while charging

Most smartphones today are equipped with the ability to stop charging when the battery capacity reaches 100%. However, this does not mean that the charger stops working. When the user continues to use the smartphone, the charger will work again.

Therefore, experts recommend, users should not use the phone during the charging process. This action can cause the device to heat up quickly, even cause an explosion and significantly affect the life of the battery.

Temperature is too high or too low

Temperature plays an important role in the durability and battery life of smartphones. According to experts, high temperatures can cause the battery to quickly degrade, heat up the device and affect the performance of the device. Meanwhile, if used in too low temperature conditions, the life of the battery and other components will also be affected.

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