Misery due to constant interrogation by his wife, the man filed a lawsuit against Google Maps ‘destroying family happiness’

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Recently, Indian media reported on a rare event. In particular, a man filed a lawsuit against the Google Maps application for sabotaging his marriage.

Accordingly, R Chandrasekhar, 49, living in Mayiladuthurai, India, sued the technology giant on the pretext of ruining his affection for his wife. The man said that the “Your Timeline” function in the app caused his wife to be constantly questioning R Chandrasekhar’s travel schedule, because the app constantly updated the daily location, including places where the husband has never been, and it has led to him struggling to explain to his wife.

Khốn khổ vì bị vợ tra hỏi liên tục, người đàn ông đâm đơn kiện Google Maps phá hoại hạnh phúc gia đình - Ảnh 1.

The man filed a lawsuit against Google Maps for destroying family happiness.

“For the past few months, my wife has been checking the” Your Timeline “function on Google Maps and she has been asking lots of questions about where I’ve been. It makes me unable to sleep because I have been sleeping all day. questioning.” – R Chandrasekhar shared with The News Minute.

“She was always skeptical about these things, which made both me and my family feel very tired.”

The desperate man was forced to go to the local police to file a lawsuit against Google’s parent company, demanding compensation for the injuries he suffered.

Khốn khổ vì bị vợ tra hỏi liên tục, người đàn ông đâm đơn kiện Google Maps phá hoại hạnh phúc gia đình - Ảnh 2.

Google Maps application.

“I don’t know how to answer those questions. My wife doesn’t care about family, relatives or friends’ advice, she firmly believes that Google is right. This company has made My marriage life was in trouble, I was hurt so much. So I had to stand up and claim my justice, they had to pay for everything they caused. “ – the husband wrote in the lawsuit.

Although the police had accepted the husband’s lawsuit, they still chose the reconciliation solution for the couple first. “The police are considering mediating for the two of them first, if it doesn’t work, we will consider next options.” – the police said.

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