Microsoft’s cloud services grew to 775% amid the corona virus pandemic

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While the United States is taking social isolation measures to cope with the corona virus pandemic, the demand for cloud services such as teleworking and gaming on the cloud has risen to unprecedented levels. . Even to avoid being overloaded, Microsoft – one of the world’s largest cloud service providers – had to take temporary measures.

Thus, after Netflix, YouTube and Sony, it is now Microsoft’s turn to sacrifice some of its features. That’s because the demand for Microsoft’s cloud services in the past week has increased dramatically, more than 7 times normal.

Các dịch vụ đám mây của Microsoft tăng trưởng đến 775% giữa đại dịch virus corona - Ảnh 1.

According to a report from Microsoft Azure, the company’s cloud division, its service usage has increased by 775% ” in areas (around the world) that are using blockade or social isolation. Assembly . ” This growth is related to a range of services such as Windwos Virtual Desktop, Power BI (marketing analysis software), Microsoft Teams and Xbox division services such as Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live and Mixer (services). similar to Twitch for Xbox gamers).

For the gaming division, Microsoft decided to make some adjustments to allow a large number of players to take advantage of their online systems. One of their measures is to temporarily stop adding new Xbox Live profiles and gamers’ background images.

In addition, like Sony recently reduced the speed of downloading games from the PlayStation, Microsoft is currently working with game publishers to provide updates that avoid daily peak times.

For business customers, Microsoft has found a 3-fold increase in the number of people using the Windows Virtual Desktop service. Windows Virtual Desktop allows you to map a specific Windows system completely remotely.

In addition, almost all educational activities are done remotely, making the Microsoft Teams service more popular than remote collaboration software such as Google Hangouts and Slack. In just one week, this app has gained 12 million new users.

In response to this sudden growth without causing an overload, Microsoft disabled some unnecessary features such as the accuracy of someone’s presence checking over time. indeed, an indication that the user is writing messages or even high resolution video meetings.

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